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Filed Under (Passing Thoughts) by Casey on 25-03-2010

I have been getting some requests to exchange links. While I really do not fancy this sort of link exchange exercise. I thought it would not hurt to accommodate these requests.

So if you have a site and want to exchange links with me, feel free to go to this page here.


I did not really bother with adding categories and all the jazz… but if you want to suggest a category feel free to drop me an email at casey.lim(at)bestforexea.com. Or if you have already submitted a link and would want to put your link in your suggested categories, send me an email and I will sort it out for you.

By the way, I will only approve your link if… it has something to do with financial, forex, stocks, trading, commodities, webhosting, web design and anything to do with web sites.

Other than that… I guess I will approve it on a case to case basis. No point in simply exchanging links with no real direct or indirect relevance.

Oh… and my blogroll links on my main page is only reserve for those sites that I personally visit and find it interesting.

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