Latency ~ Execution Delay

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I have been reading about this issue for quite sometime now but have never really put much though about it neither have I really taken it as an issue to consider.

It wasn’t until I started thinking more about this rebate strategy and also when I was replying to an email with regards to brokers.

Every traders wants to execute their trades quickly. There are only so many lots to offer at that price. And if everyone wants to trade at a particular price at a point in time, obviously the fastest one would get it. Will one pip make a big differences? Of course it would… I mean hey… every pip is $$$.

I have not study this in detail to really come up with a conclusion.

By logic, latency kills the any edge we have on a market with any automatic forex robot. It is probably this reason why backtesting and also demo trading is not a very clear representation of a good EA strategy. Backtesting itself execute on the closing minute of every tick, while demo trading assumes that the EA will trigger the trade at the price given by the demo server.

It could also be this reason why one EA will perform well with one broker but not with another broker.

When we trade live, our MT4 pings the server of the broker that executes the order, either they act as an intermediary (dealing desk) or they order goes directly onto another server that captures the price. If our MT4 pings the server slower… it would mean that our order will be in que from another order that might be a head of yours.

Does this makes sense?

I am sure it does.

But I still have yet to toy around with ECN type of account where it is said that your order goes directly to the market. I think if I do, then latency issue needs to be address.

Probably one of the reason why I did not bother about latency issues…

So my question would be will this latency issue give me a better edge on my current rebate strategy? Or is it just an issue that should not matter.

I am probably thinking this with all my scalping strategy in mind.

Casey Rebate Strategy

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Seeing how I have gotten my rebate for my months activity I though I will share this with you. I previously wrote about forex rebates (Rocking Rebate) and pointed out with obvious fact that rebate improves my profits.

Now I want to show you how by simply just creating some turnover on an account with small drawdowns and with a help of forex rebates, one can still come out profitable.

I will call this ‘Casey Rebate Strategy’. Since no one has ever documented this strategy. I believe I have right to claim this as my strategy. Until and unless someone points out to me that this strategy has been around for ages… I am claiming this to be mine… :)

I have already posted two very scalpy strategy on my FXOpen account. One is my Silly Scalper where I put 6 EA trading on only EURCHF and my Royal Rumble where I put 3 EA trading on 4 currency pair EURGBP, GBPCHF, USDCHF, USDCAD.

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Exchanging Links

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I have been getting some requests to exchange links. While I really do not fancy this sort of link exchange exercise. I thought it would not hurt to accommodate these requests.

So if you have a site and want to exchange links with me, feel free to go to this page here.

I did not really bother with adding categories and all the jazz… but if you want to suggest a category feel free to drop me an email at casey.lim(at) Or if you have already submitted a link and would want to put your link in your suggested categories, send me an email and I will sort it out for you.

By the way, I will only approve your link if… it has something to do with financial, forex, stocks, trading, commodities, webhosting, web design and anything to do with web sites.

Other than that… I guess I will approve it on a case to case basis. No point in simply exchanging links with no real direct or indirect relevance.

Oh… and my blogroll links on my main page is only reserve for those sites that I personally visit and find it interesting.

Failed Invasion

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Before I close my first quarter for 2010, I thought I should pen this down. I have been putting this off for quite sometime. It all started a long time ago that I did an experiment which I had name it EURO Blitzkrieg.

It was something like my Silly Scalping where I pit all the EA that traded EURCHF on one platform or one account. With Euro Blitzkrieg, I pitted all the EA that traded EURUSD.

From my previous invasion of EURUSD, it was a failed attempted.

And it took me about a few months to re conceptualize this idea. And so in the beginning of this year. I restarted my second wave to push through my battle with EURUSD.

I had attempted initially with PipMiner and ForexBrokerBuster but FBB was neither going here nor there and on top of that FBB was said to be a clone or rather a copy EA of another free EA. (Don’t really want to go in detail with regards to this anymore). I stopped FBB not because it had a drawdown, but it seems to not perform as expected.

The invasion began with a very strong results. But drawdowns from FBB made me stop it last month. And pitted ScalperPro and Primeval on my list.

Unfortunately, the next buster was PipMiner, the drawdown was heavier than FBB. It reminded me of EuroBlaster, where it takes 4 position and scalping profits but large stop loss. Same concept but different name.

And so… with that I only have two small minions trying to push EURUSD through…

Sighh….. Maybe I should give FBB another shot.

The sharp drawdown is mainly due to PipMiner… And nothing else. If experiences have proved to me what needs to be done, is to take out the EA that is just too risky. I believe PipMiner is one of them.

And so… goes my failed invasion….

Knight of The Round Table

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This is the most frustrating EA I have found so far… Good profit wise… but frustratingly slow….

I set this EA out to work since the end of last year…  but it’s moving terribly slow. I really really really wanted to increase the lot size… I am afraid to do so. This EA has not been trading long enough to know what sort of drawdown I would be expecting.

However… as you can see, the graph is pointing to the heavens. This is not your usual scalping EA that whack the currency pair on a 15m timeframe. This is a ‘knight’ that whacks the currency pair on an hourly timeframe. And it only trades in the direction of a trend.

Let me start the story of this EA…

I got this EA like from Bernard, the guy who developed Excalibur. He was also one of the few people I still continue to keep in touch since since the days I started this blog…

I previously was not interested in his Excalibur EA. That was because it was by good coincidence when I was looking at it… His Excalibur EA was like plunging back into the lake of no return.  It has not been doing that well and have not found a statement which shows interesting results. And on top of that, it was really expensive at that time.

It was at end of last year when I was browsing around with myFXBook. That I stumble upon his interesting graph. After reading some thread on myfxbook, I found out that chart was from Bernard. So I bump him an email and said that I was interested with Lancelot…

He was kind enough to give me a good discount on it. So I happily took his offer and bang it onto my live account. I was informed that the demo version was on Alpari. So why should I redo a demo test when the test was already done.

On myfxbook thread which talks about his system, he has his share of fans and he also has his share of foes. Read some of thread in myfxbook and one can gauge a few reactions… For me… well… innocent until proven guilty.

Check out his portfolio here on myfxbook ( and you can see that not all of his EA are doing that well.  His Lancelot is the only one besides his KA System which he has not release it yet.

While my current position with Alpari is still holding well *fingers crossed* I really hope that it will not end up like his Live FXCM account… I really do not want to see the tip of Lancelot’s blade.

Well… as always…. only time will tell me how well Lancelot will start kicking some metal butt.

One thing about the approach by Bernard is that, he seems to test out the EA first before releasing his EA. He constantly test and test and test.

When I first bought his EA, he had only optimized Lancelot for two currency pair EURUSD and USDCHF. But a few weeks ago… he had release the settings for the rest of the currency pair it was at that time that I started seeing some activity on my account.

I guess as an automatic trader who knows not much about programming my own EA. I can appreciate his effort in testing it out first before releasing it.

Daily Dose of Forex

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Here is another interesting site by Jakob they guy who brough you Forex Hacking which is going onto my blogroll. ~ Get Your Daily Dose of Forex News

All forex blog showcase on one site…. and I’m on it… :) I’m number six!! Hehehe… hope I don’t get displaced. But it’s not about getting placed. I keep thinking that it is a forex directory. Hmmm…. now that’s a thought…

If you have an interesting forex blog, drop him a mail so that he can showcase on his site

Bling Me Baby One More Time

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Sung by the song by Britney Spears “Baby One More Time”

[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling,

[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
How was I supposed to know
That everything is all right here
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
I should have wrote this long ago
And now it seem like the right, time
Show me, what can my account be
Tell me b-ling
‘Cause I need to know now
What I’ve got

Spears in the schoolgirl outfit in the
Image via Wikipedia

All my drawdowns are killing me (And I…)
I must confess, that this is $hit (this is $hit…. )
When I’m see small LOSSES I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Bling Me Baby One More Time!

Oh b-ling, b-ling,
The reason I fol-lowed you
Boy be-cause I bought you
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Because you cost me money
Show me, how my PROFITS can be
Tell me b-ling
‘Cause I need to know now what to do

[Repeat CHORUS]
All my PROFITS are very small (And I…)
I must confess, that this can’t be (this can’t be…)
I paid $99 bucks every 3 months
Give me a sign
How to Bling this Back to Life!

Oh Forex, b-ling,
[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling, (Ah, yeah, yeah…)

[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
What am I suppose to do

Oh Forex B-ling
I should have stop you so
I must confess, that my Profit sense
Is keeping me live….
That is why I still believe
That this will revive
By giving you time
Bling me baby one more time

[Repeat CHORUS]
All this lack-lusters are telling me (And so…)
So that is why, I feel the need (Feel the need…)
To take out Evolution and Freedom
Give me a sign
Will this Bling Me Back to Life!

I must confess that all that is left
Is EURO… G.. B.. P
Don’t you know I still believe
My Bolt and My Storm
Are the only ones left
Bling me baby one more time

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ADV: Forex Hacking

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This has long been sitting in my folder and have yet to do anything about this. So I thought I would start…

Jakob Dupont wrote to me a few weeks ago asking me if I could do a review on his ebook which he is about to release. This was also about the same time that Prime Kain affair got the best of my attention. Anyway… if you are not sure who Jakob is… he is the owner of I have him on my blogroll since ages.

He was releasing his ebook just before the Chinese New Year week and I told him that it would try to do a review before the launch date. But my apologies as I myself have been swamp not only with work but also with my family holiday affair (CNY is a big thing to us Chinese)

I think now, would be a good time to start writing about it. He say he wanted my honest review. I will try but before I continue… Just want to apologies to Jakob in advance if in any way this might hurt… :) I don’t think it will so hope you still keep me in your blog roll.

Jakob came up with an ebook call Forex Hacking. Now don’t be confuse with Forex Hacked which is a Forex EA in collaboration with Masyuk EA. A martingale EA which you can not find the latest version but probably be able to find the older version.

Anyway… let’s get back to the topic at hand Forex Hacking…

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Royal Rumble

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Initially I wanted to entitle this post as “My Karmic Affair Part 4285” but thought seeing how things have changed over the past weeks I decided to rename the title of this post as “Royal Rumble”

Before I continue with my story… Take a look at this myfxbook chart.

Once upon a time in December 2009, I started to notice FAPTurbo again on my favorite lead site The gains seems to be mighty interesting like to rose blossoming in the sun. Obviously I had assume that Zeno has been running this EA for since the rave days of FAPTurbo. So I thought it would be interesting again to rekindle my karmic bond with FAPTurbo.

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Monthly Update ~ Feb 2010

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Ok… it’s time of the month again where I close my account for February 2010 to see how my business is doing.

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