Tong! Tong! Chiang!

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is around the corner…

And these past few days I would say was some pretty exciting ‘drama’ going on my blog to end the year of the cow… reminded me about FAPTurbo and EA Boss drama about a year ago…

Wow… how time flies… eh?

Well… Chinese New Year celebration is a very big thing for the Chinese… It’s like how everyone celebrates New Year on the 1 of January.

Chinese New Year is all about welcoming the god of prosperity into our lives an enrich us with wealth of all kind.

Family gathering on this new year is pretty exciting, as it is a time where everyone in the family spanning across two to sometimes three generations in one place is very much fun and enjoyable.

This is also the time where the kids will put on their best shirt or dress and go up to all those who are married and wish them ‘Gong Xi Fa Chai’ and in return for the well wishes… Married couple will distribute ‘Ang Pow’ or red packets filled with money. And the kids will run off in glee and look for their ‘next target’

As a married guy myself, I feel that it is always wonderful to give there red packets away to children as it does puts some form of happiness into their lives together will wishing them well and prosperous and also good luck in the year of the tiger.

Oh and another thing about Chinese New Year is that… it is always a reason to justify gambling! Pure and simple… It’s a tradition… gamble with family playing blackjack, big 2, gin rummy, and my favorite game… mahjong.

Year of the Tiger… what does it brings to me? Some site says that it will be a ‘FANTASTIC’ year for me… and in the page on a different paragraph… it says… that I should watch out because I may be facing a legal suits, get into trouble and some scandals might happen.

It says also that I should not break any laws and take any short cut when carrying out your work. Also… greed for easy money may cause your downfall.

Oh my gawd!!! I will have a fantastic year but if I do not watch out I might be spiraling into deep $hit! Man!! When one is in forex… how is it that I cannot not get greedy?!

Bah!! Sometimes it’s pure BS if you ask me… Still… I’ll the positive part of it anytime.

With the current scandal of EAKAIN… I don’t know if I am getting into the new year in a good footing…

Anyhow… before I sign off again from my blog for a few days of good fun and celebration… I would like to wish everyone ‘Gong Xi Fa Chai’. May the god of wealth bestow upon you great profits from you forex journey…

To those who have donated to the UNICEF Haiti Funds… I believe the god of wealth will continue to protect you. All good causes will reflect good effect.

Whatever it may be… I’ll leave the full story to this drama that happened at the end of the year of the cow and to be told in the year of the tiger… Call it a zodiac action thing-e-ma-jig…

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