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How I wish I have 30 hours 9 days rather than 24 hours 7 days…. Sighhh………

Ok… time for me to close this chapter and move on… So many things to do so little time.

In summary, EAKain says that their demo version is not the same as their original version. Which was clearly a very misleading tactic to potential clients by EAKain. Then again these Mario Brothers have been doing all this $hit all along since a while back and they kind of admit to it…

They state that they have followed some blah blah strategy that Megadroid has employed… Thus, their demo version and original ‘sales’ version is different in a coding but some similarity in the idea…

Huh?!?!? What the hell does it mean….

The Mario Brothers at that time sent to ForexPeaceArmy the original ‘sales’ code and showed to them that they were totally different… So I told FPA if it’s true then let me know…

The point that was brought up from FPA was this….

It’s very similar to MegaDroid, but he claims the final release was further modified.  Taking the concept of how another EA trades and reverse-engineering it isn’t necessarily theft.  Taking the code is.

Taking any significant portion of code is 100% theft without question.

Taking the idea is a much bigger gray area. Duplicating the exact methods would be one extreme. The other would be to say that all scalping bots are illegal use of the first scalping bot ever written.

And FPA told me that, if it was true that the demo version is a clone of MD , then ‘donating’ away EAKain’s demo version would probably be the same as ‘donating’ away from MD Pro…  And the issue here is the demo version that was ‘donated’ away by me could mean that I am infringing on distributing copy right software of MD Pro and not EAKain…

Ok fair enough… EAKain’s demo is Megadroid Pro… (Maybe because I have not compare the update codes of Megadroid Pro with the EAKain’s demo version, I compared the demo version with the first release of Megadroid)

Now the interesting point from FPA is the last point, where they say taking an idea is a very grey area… so I guess I will leave it to the rest to interpret this.

By ‘magic’… I manage to get my hands on EAKain’s ‘original’ version which I am not sure if that was the same file that was sent to FPA, but the codes were totally different… Ok maybe not all that different….

I can see, even with my limited knowledge of MQL, that they took the idea and re-wrote the codes… In the programing world…  codes can be written as 3+4+2+1=10 or 1+4+2+3=10. Same results but different way of solving it. In forex ea world, same idea but different way of writing the codes.

So in this sense, by FPA’s very loose definition, taking an idea and rewriting it in a different way does not necessarily be construed as theft or copy right infringement…

Is there any conclusion? So is it a copy? A clone? Reverse-engineering? Original? Don’t know… but the end result is what matters.

Out of curiosity… I backtested their ‘original’ version together with their demo version… Same period, Same currency pair, Same risk settings…

Here are the results…




If you click on the graph… you will see the results… The demo version did better than the ‘original’ version.

So you are better off with the demo version then the original version.

Then again… if one is a believer of backtester then sure what you see here is that the demo version outweights the ‘original’ version.

If you are  a believer of live tester… then probably one should check out FPA’s live statement on EAKain and compare it with the demo version that some of you might have…

But I am putting my money on my backtesting results… literally…

Ok Batman!! Time to move on to our Prime Suspect!!

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