Monthly Update ~ Jan 2010

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This is a quick post… Below is my monthly update…

I am happy to have achieved 1/12 of my 2010 objective with is to get a monthly return of 5% from my forex ea. Suffice to say that it is still too early to give myself a pat on the back.

Last year… a few months of good results ended up in a few months of bad bad results… I do not want this to happen again this year. So I will continue to keep my fingers crossed and continue to monitor closely.

Now I have a couple of account running with the same broker on Alpari and FXOpen  and I have yet to publish those individual results. Only LovelyMegan and SillyScalper were posted… I have a few more which i hope to share in the coming weeks.

This year is pretty tight for me, as I no longer have the luxury of time to toy around with forex ea. Still I will not allow this to stop completely my objective for this year.

Anyway… from the result above. I have calculated my drawdown to be around 2.8% which I suppose is good and which means I am not taking too much of an overall risk on my capital even though my silly scalping idea took a 20% drawdown. Need to tweak it a bit…

As for Secret Project 1 and 2…… Will talk about it in the near future.

Cashbackforex is rocking some interesting return for me…

So many things to do… so little time… Sighh…………

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