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It is a Chinese Custom to complete or solve any outstanding issues before ushering the Chinese New Year…  But in reality it’s not simple… I maybe a Chinese but logic at times rule my thoughts a bit more… And I believe the logic of solving your problem before the Chinese New Year is so that it does not eat your thoughts while you celebrate and welcome the new year…

I had a great new year holiday, even while I have not actually concluded my chapter with EAKAIN.

So… I am taking this opportunity to close this chapter… ok maybe not close this chapter but to clarify what went on before Chinese New Year and why I had to do some amendments to my original post Holy Balony Batman!

I am going to start off by an email sent to be and the reply and the ding dong that went along with it… (If you are not into drama then I guess you can skip this post… :) )

It started off with this email… dated 1 February 2010. wrote:

I would like to have a review. EA name is EAKAIN SCALPER PRO. I started a demo account on Alpari UK with the following login detail:
Login : 1422446
Investor : 0jqwygi (read only password)

Parameter settings are:
GMT_Offset: 1 (on every pair)
Risk: 30 (on every pair)
Other parameters are default.

You can download the demo version at:

If you’re interested you can be affiliate with us: we offer for every sale 40%.

Do you need somethingelse?


I subsequently replied.. on the 2 February 2010. Casey Lim wrote:


Thanks for your offer. As much as I love to do a review. I would like to firstly ask… Is it a clone of another EA?

Reason why I ask is that your previous version were very questionable… While you may or may not have made improvement on the current EA, it still leaves to questions your previous  EA.

As you know… I do not support or promote questionable EA, while I do write about it… It’s won’t be a nice write up.

Anyway, if you still want me to have a look at your EA in depth… some answers to your new ‘improved’ EA would be nice.


After that email, there was no answer from him… over the next three days. In the meantime, I was pretty much impressed with the demo account he sent to me… So I thought I would backtest it and thought I would release my first post on this… with Holy Guacamoly Batman!

And that was on the 5 February 2010… And if you have read that post… I sign off the post in saying… I had to not only wait for a reply from him but also I was just curious to see the codes…

Then when I continue to have not receive any reply from him on the 9 February 2010… I assumed that I was correct and subsequently release this post… Holy Balony Batman!

And it took this post to create a response from him… ok it wasn’t a direct response but he responded to me because the guys from Forex Peace Army wrote to him and questioned him….

It was on the 10 February 2010, that BestEAForex wrote back to me:

For your info, here you’ll find below an mail regarding the discussion that
I’m having with ForexPeaceArmy. Obviously without the attached code as you
give it for free.
If I don’t answer you at your question, it doesn’t mean that answers to your
questions should be all affermative!!!

You talk about your karma but you forgot that you was the first one to give
for free our work. Yes, it’s our work because the code that we sell is
COMPLETELY different from megadroid or any other ea. I can’t show you the
real code as you and many other guys should give it for free. I can send the
selling version only to customer. Performances are quite similar but code is
completely different, and obviously selling version is more stable and

I didn’t answer you because I’ve a lot of mails to check and I forgot yours.

I’m sure you’ll answer soon,
Da: Info BestEAForex []
Inviato: mercoledì 10 febbraio 2010 15.09
A: ‘FPA’
Oggetto: R: Forex Peace Army Forum Contact Us Form – FPA Performans Test
Submissions | Read

I know about that comments.
That code that you see on the link is the first version that I was
That code has “Aggressive mode” very similar (but with performance and
settings very different) to the Megadroid. The rest of the code (Normal
trades) is completely mine.
At that time I was correcting and testing the “selling version” due to some
bugs and to be sure that it worked correctly.
That was only the “Demo Version” sent for free to “potential customers”.
I decided to send it for some reasons:
1 – In order to test protection method. My conclusion is that doen’t exists
any strong protection.
2 – Demo version in term of logic and profits is quite similar to the
selling version but with less performances.
The “selling version” is completely different from Megadroid or any other
expert advisor as you can see from the attached code.
All the Customer have obviously the selling version.

I decided to run the EA by myside because I started the account some days
before asking you the review and to check if there aren’t any crash of
metatrader and something else but, if you want, you can run it from your
side if it could help me to be more transparent and to take stop to this bad

What other should I do in order to stop this bad comments?


Da: FPA []
Inviato: mercoledì 10 febbraio 2010 14.22
A: Info BestEAForex
Oggetto: Re: Forex Peace Army Forum Contact Us Form – FPA Performans Test
Submissions | Read

Hello again,

Someone sent this link to us…

Can you please comment on some of the similarities between EAKAIN and Forex

FPA Forums Team

Wooo… you will see how he manage to reply to FPA very quickly… but when I question him… it took him like 9 days… to reply. So without dissapointing him… on the 11 February 2010, I replied…

Hi George… Can I call you George? Because you did not leave your name…

Anyway… firstly I am wonder here… even without looking at the codes of your so call original EA, why is that you give demo of one type and sell another… This is clearly mispresentation of your product?

Why this approach? Of course your answer is because of the ability to decompile that would be your reason… Fool proof answer… No way anyone can fault your for this…

But I know you have been in the forex world for long enough to understand that however you conceal it… It will make it’s way into the internet free world… C’mon… you were not born yesterday… If your programming skill is as good as you make it sound… You should know that… most of the developer are moving to dll files extracting parameters from an external server…

If you did that… charging $500 bucks would justify it as it will cover the server costs… Now that is what the real developers are doing… Some even have moved away from selling their EA and doing manage accounts? for example… does Xtreme ring a bell?? This is what I call having confidences in their EA… I think you should start thinking about that model… What?! No faith in your own product?

Having said tat… on your previous version EAKAIN EURCHFver2… care to also say that the original EA is not the same as the demo EA? Because I have it… looks like a clone to me… unless you want to deny that?

Secondly, you know by now that by giving a demo copy… The forex underground community will be able to crack it and distribute it even before you can say… “Forex EA”… You know this was going to be caught on by the underground

Thirdly… I was not the first to find this out your DEMO ea was from Megadroid. If you check the comment in ForexPeaceArmy there is this guy SanAmsterdam from Amsterdam… he revealed it first on the 3 February…

Fourthly… Now let’s see… I receive your email on the 1 February… And replied to your on the 2 February… I release my first post without disclosing nothiing about what that ea was on the 5 February but with a hint that it could be funny because of none response from you for 3 days… And it was only on the 9 February that I released the post… Approximately 7 days… of waiting for you to reply…

Ok… maybe that I am jumping into conclusion with your new EAKAIN Scalper Pro… But how can I not… when your history is tainted? Whether you have a lot of email to reply when you don’t reply after seven days… What do you want me to think?

Mind you… You approached me first… I would have assume that as a smart entrepreneurs you would have follow up closely with me.

So let see how did I come to a conclusion… 1) Your past history gives me the first impression 2) Not replying after 7 days 3) Put 1 and 2 together… what do you get?

A conclusion….

No… if you have followed my blog.. I have stop distributing free EA for a very long while now… Even though i have a bunch of them which I blab about it on my blog… but never distributed any new ones… I let the undergound forex community handle that…

Call it either your good fortune or you being at the wrong place at the wrong time. My penpal just came back from Haiti… after distributing some help to them… it was then that it hit me that the people could use some help.

Forex world is crude… it’s every man for himself… Not many would think about donating to the Haiti funds without some incentive… So what I did… Gave them an incentive to help the Haiti children….

So indirectly… what you are doing is for the betterment of Haiti. That should be a good cause… They donate…

Ok…. enough of explaining myself…

If you have notice I have cc a copy to FPA… (Don’t know if Bill is still in charge of reading this email)

Since you say that the original EA in your possession is originally from you… and your codes are your codes and you have given FPA a look at it… I will take their word…

Bill… let me know if what George says in the email below is correct. If you say that and believe that the source code is really his and you are currently testing the same source code out in FPA to ensure consistency as the same Alpari demo account as per email way way way at the bottom of this email….
I will take your word… I will retract my post… retract the Haitian Fund Drive campaign… Ok… maybe I won’t withdraw the Haitian Fund Drive campaign but I will retract the ‘incentive’…

I will give credit to George for the donation that he have done so far for those that have already contributed. (Free marketing if you asked me… )

Again, since your original source code is different from the demo EA that you are offering… there is no harm done because it’s already on the internet even before the post came out… (If you notice on my blog… the source code that was in my possessions has a time expiry of 31 January 2010)

Hmmm…. come to think of it from what you have been saying… this EA that I have is not exactly yours…

Anyhuuu….. I shall wait for Bill or FPA to reply…. Or if you want to rebutt my email… sure thing… make sure you keep FPA in the loop


I expected that he it would take him a few days to reply but this time round… it took him like 2 hour to write back to me after I wrote the above…

Hi Casey,

We didn’t leave any name just because we’re 2 guys so decided to put 1 “name” instead of ours. We’re Mario and Andrea but you can call us also George if you prefer;-)

First of all thank you for the exaustive reply.

What we’re going to write now is the truth.

As you can imagine we’re in the forex world since quite time to learn how to decompile code and how’s going the forex world community. Our Selling History was born about half a year ago when, after decompilation and studying some codes, we decided to mix more experts in order to get some good and stable results on the long term since we didn’t find anything that felt us so well. We was at the “first army” and we decided superficially to starting sell “our” mixed product. (EAKAIN EURCHFv2),

After that we discover togheter that was immoral to sell scam products, even if that scam took us a lot of work to maximize and improve some code already existing.

And so we decided to write ourself (due to the experience we had) our personal EA (EAKAIN SCALPER PRO). It was so impressive: we saw that performances were very stable but it got not so much profit and so we started to develop the “Aggressive strategies”.

After watching Megadroid we decided to create a similar strategy but with different concepts. That’s the why because on the demo version you see that is embedded a similar magadroid while we was developing in the meanwhile ours version.

…And you could say:- and so why you send as demo version a mixed scam and not your original one? It’s easy, for 3 reason:

1 – to test a protection that we paid over 800$

2 – because the original version was in testing during live session (and quite ready to sell it).

3 – to preserve our work in the case the ex4 was cracked (as it happens in so few time).

Anyway every customer that purchase our product (since the beginning of our sales) get for free the newest version.

When we got our personal ea we started to contact (as you and FPA) some webmaster in order to get major visibility as we felt transparent and clear with the coscience.

Definitely, at the present, what is running on FPA and on our site is obviously the selling version.

Original version if protected by a .dll as you suggested us. (even if it’s not so protected. After our experience we decided to don’t take so time in protection)

Why we’re selling this ea if it seems to be so profitable? Just because we did some considerations:

1 – if we take out external the trading logic into a server it couldn’t work because it’s a scalper. (from what that we know…but if you can suggest us or tell us more we’re here to learn!)

2 – In order to manage account you should have a company and here in Italy you need to buy a license that costs about 300.000,00 € (yes, 3 thousands hundred euros!)

3 – Anyway we have our ea that we’ll never sell just because it’s 4 time more stable and profitable.

We’re sure that FPA will see that code is completely ours and we’ll wait for their answer.

Haiti cause it’s a nobleman idea. Why don’t you affiliate with us and we give to you 100% so you could send money to them?

Have a nice day


Mario & Andrea 😉

Phew…. I told you it was going to be a drama… I was suppose to reply to his email… but I have other things in mind which was Chinese New Year… So I had to left it at this for the time being…

I have or could have bore you to death with all this blah blah… These ding-dong of email does not leave any room for me to close this episode… Ok… it was my fault… I could not just settle with only 4 to 5 lines of rebuttal… So my reply had to be ‘thesis’ long

Anyway… from what I did with my previous post, I guess one will know what FPA had replied to me… but it’s not what you might think…

I guess I have already taken up enough of your time… So I shall leave this episode as it is and will continue again tomorrow because I want to have my final say with regards to this issue… Hey it’s my blog… So obviously I have the final say… :)

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