Phantom Got Nuked!

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Ahh… it’s been a long time since I wrote something like this. Previously it was such a bore. Writing all these over and over and over and over again…

Still… it will never end. That is why most of these commercial EA is not worth my money. Anymore that is… I have long ago moved away from getting ‘excited’ or ‘hyped up’ about new EA coming off the shelf… It was fun when I wrote how devious they were… when it start to become a bore. I just stopped.

phantomnukedI guess that means that these ar$eholes started to be funny again…

So funny, I shall try to be…

Forex Phantom = Forex Nuke

Let’s have a look see shall we??

Firstly who is to determine who is first and who is second…



So we know that Forex Phantom came n first… being registered on the 8th May 2008. With full disclosure of the owner.

Forex Nuke came in like a few months ago… I remember my twitter was bombarded with Forex Nuke spam…

Anyway… here is why I say they are one in the same…



The only thing different about forex nuke is that there is a authentication dll file, which could easily throw of anyone from the first look… and a few touch on a few lines here and there.

But it is nothing more than a bunch of codes. Why protect a copy when it is a copy in the first place right?

Now before I start screaming SCAM! There are a few issues here that has happened before…

1) Forex Phantom gave someone the right to reproduce and sell it
2) Forex Phantom owner is same person behind Forex Nuke with a few touch of codes
3) Forex Nuke got his butt scammed by his/her programmer

So… I’ll just leave it as that…

Now… having said all that… if you look at on Forex Phantom and Forex Nuke… Look at the backtesting graph of 2007 and 2008… Clearly the same… but that is not what I wanted to establish here.

If Phantom and Nuke are one and the same, forex phantom has proven itself pretty well in 2009.

Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!!

Another EA which I could have missed here, which might proved profitable?

Don’t know… but this is an EA which I need to dive deeper into…

Forex Phantom that is…

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