A Night with A Gambler

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Happy New Year everyone!!

This is my first post for the year 2010. With the new year, we usually have our resolution sorted out… so the next few weeks we are going to be very philosophical about all this and then going back to our normal self until the next new year arrives…

Well hope not… but since how usually people are being philosophical see how the new year has arrive, contemplating and excited about what is to come for 2010, so I thought it would be nice be start off this post with a very philosophical post.

I am going to start off with a story of a chance encounter with an interesting bloke. A few weeks ago, I met up with this guy who contacted me via from my one of my old blog which I still keep but have not been maintaining it CasinoRouletteSystem.com.

TEH TARIKWhile I did tell him that I had moved my focus away from Casino, he still persisted in wanting to meet up. It was kind of weird in the first place, coz  I did not exactly know him and vice versa but yet he wanted to meet up with me to ‘exchange ideas’ even though I clearly told him that I am no longer toying around with casino roulette systems.

Anyway, it won’t hurt to meet new people and see what they got to say… who knows I might learn something…

So, I met up with this guy in at Mamak stall, a kind of local stall which are usually manage by Tamil Muslim and it’s a place where people congregate at night and either exchange BS or merely meeting up with friends to catch up over a couple of ‘teh tarik ‘. Which is a local drink literally translated as ‘Pulled Tea’.

Well, I met this guy up and he is an elderly person about 60-ish, retired but still have his own business. He is an avid gambler so he says… spending some of his time going to Genting Highland Casino (The only gambling casino in Malaysia) making a decent income from playing with roulette so he says…

When he told me that he was making a pretty decent amount of money doing this… I was really trying to keep my laughter to myself but seeing how he is very much older than me. I had to try to restrain myself from laughing and just gave a quick smirk. Now after years of being expose to all these marketing hype you can’t fault me for not taking him seriously when he says that he is making a decent living gambling… is there?

So out of curiosity, fun and laughter. He said he wanted to meet up with me because he wanted to know what are the younger generation doing these days. (Either he was lonely or he was pretty serious about this)

To really cut the story short a bit… I started to ask him question after question about gambling, about casino, about his experiences, about him himself, about his life… And I must say as the night goes by I begin to see some legitimacy when he says he was making a decent living from gambling.

He was spewing views that actually concur with my own views. Either I was a big a$$ sucker or he was  a living proof that one can make a living from gambling. And I might add, with my best judgment, his story was very consistent. No big mouth talk about how he make $10k in one night but rather he was saying this in a passing statement.

He was more in tune about the art of gambling than gambling itself. Humble and sharing not about his night escapades but rather the view about the many forms of gambling.

To him, forex is also gambling. Why? Because we don’t know the future. We are putting a bet base on the current information present and taking a risk that there is a probability that it will go that way.

Of course I can’t compare apple to apple. He was a gambler… and that was his opinion. But there are some things that he says reassured me that I am or maybe following a path which I believe is possible.

He says any system is neither good or bad depending on how one uses it. He says he has three system that he use when he is on the casino floor. He uses it depending on how the roulette table is doing. He says he uses his ‘feeling’ when moves closer to a roulette table.

These sort of ‘feeling’ comes with years of visiting the great casino highlands of Malaysia. He says it is a ‘kungfu’ which needs some years of practice. Sure, he lost quite a substantial amount in the few years of learning the ‘kungfu’ of gambling…. but the thing is to be persistent.

Like any art, it needs to be learned and adapted to his or her own style. He told me it was a waste that I left my blog or my casino escapade hanging half way… he said with a few more practices I could actually be successful with my approach.

I told him, that I stopped it due to not being able to get access to funding my online casino escapade because of our government ruling. That was the end of my casino story…

While he did encourage me to follow his footsteps and join him on his weekly escapade to the highlands, I had to decline because I found my own ‘casino’ which is of course the forex market.

He went on by saying if you do not have your own system, then either you ‘steal’ it by looking at how others do it. Or learn from a master. He continued to use the kungfu analogy and said how long ago, some kungfu students learned by piping over the fences when their master is training privately to see what and how the master executes certain moves and try to emulate it.

After than, a student will then either incorporate his masters move into his own or follow strictly to the moves. He goes on to mention that usually the student who develops his masters moves will certainly be a better kungfu fighter than the one who strictly follows the master’s moves.

That is the same for any system that we follow, either we use it to adapt to our own fancy or follow strictly from a-z a system that has been taught.

No two masters are the same or no student and master holds the same skills he says… which is relatively true.

Man this guy must be a kung fu fan… ok.. who isn’t… Anyway, at the end of night, we parted ways with me saying thank you for sharing his experiences, wisdom and company.

With all these ‘kungfu’ gambling art that he was sharing with me, he did make me think the rest of the way back on my believe that I can be successful with automatic trading. Even though I may have my own short comings when it comes to trading….whether it is automatic or manual trading. It was an art that I have improve. I believe I had mention about this a few months ago on my blog.

Don’t know how I will do it differently but I guess I need to find my own footing in this automatic trading realm….

He also mentioned that there are a lot of casino roulette systems out there… like forex trading systems there are abundant of them. Churning out like there is no tomorrow.

The thing was to learn, observe and kick the bean bag. If it does not work, go back and learn, observe and kick the bean bag again with a different style.

Somehow I really don’t know whether these sort of statement can be categorize as wisdom.

But hey… we Chinese believe that learning ‘kungfu’ does not come without any pain…

He did mention a proverb or idioms which kind of escape my mind but I believe it mean something like if you persist ahead you will see your fortune… or some shit like that…

Oh well… whatever it was suppose to mean, let me now kick start 2010 with renewed faith and see how it will turn out shall we?



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