Silly Scalping Part 2

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Well, last week was pretty tiring. Had to travel to beautiful Beijing on a business trip. Weather was cold but manageable. This was my first trip to Beijing, and I am just amaze by the sheer number of Chinese people per sq foot… :)

Apart for my business work, I manage to squeeze some time to walk about Beijing, take the subway, visit Tienanmen Square and of course taking a quick visit to the Olympic Bird Nest.

Amazing huh….

Ok… this blog is not a social blog, but hey a bit of social blogging should not hurt right… right… One photo of the Bird Nest does not exactly qualify this to be a social blog.

Anyway, during my trip to Beijing, I did not manage to get any forex activity done (directly that is), because internet control in China is pretty tight. Even facebook and twitter was ban in China. I did not know why until I google it and found these sites.

Here are some interesting read:

This is not something new, but laymen like me are so caught up with my own personal escapade that we turn out of be as ignorant as hell to what is happening in our big world. Read the rest of this entry »

Comedy Thusday

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Sometimes as I browse around the EA market, I come across bits and pieces of funny take.

I am convince that most of these EA sellers are programmers first by skill, internet marketing second by obvious reasons, and no practical traders experiences. Just create a software, market it and fu(k it be.

I have yet to see an EA seller who has posted their own live trading results or rather I have yet to witness a live VERIFIED trading result from them.

Most if not all of them post their DEMO account rather than their LIVE account. Why is that so I wonder?

Maybe the reason is for us end users to test it out live for them and then post it on the internet to share with others. Pretty smart if you ask me… but does not go well in terms of credibility if you ask me…

Anyhow… here are two funny takes…

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Phantom Got Nuked!

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Ahh… it’s been a long time since I wrote something like this. Previously it was such a bore. Writing all these over and over and over and over again…

Still… it will never end. That is why most of these commercial EA is not worth my money. Anymore that is… I have long ago moved away from getting ‘excited’ or ‘hyped up’ about new EA coming off the shelf… It was fun when I wrote how devious they were… when it start to become a bore. I just stopped.

phantomnukedI guess that means that these ar$eholes started to be funny again…

So funny, I shall try to be…

Forex Phantom = Forex Nuke

Let’s have a look see shall we??

Firstly who is to determine who is first and who is second… Read the rest of this entry »

Lovely Megan

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If ever I were to use my analogy on the art of kungfu accurately then I would say this would be the best example that clearly showed what my gambler friend was saying…

Learn, observe and kick the bag… if it failed then I should relearn, observe and kick the bag again with a different style…

I have taken Cyborg EA tested it live, got slapped in the face, took BestSniperForex EA tested it live, got kicked in the nuts, relearned everything about martingale, mutate it a bit and applied it differently from a different perspective and this is what I got… A mutated Cyborg version which I have renamed it Lovely Megan.

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Pweet!! Kickoff Time

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After spending December 09 getting myself organize. It’s like to continue to monitor if my organization skill will help me reduce my headache of follow up and hopefully indicate some interesting profits…

This was how my 2009 worked out to be….

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A Night with A Gambler

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Happy New Year everyone!!

This is my first post for the year 2010. With the new year, we usually have our resolution sorted out… so the next few weeks we are going to be very philosophical about all this and then going back to our normal self until the next new year arrives…

Well hope not… but since how usually people are being philosophical see how the new year has arrive, contemplating and excited about what is to come for 2010, so I thought it would be nice be start off this post with a very philosophical post.

I am going to start off with a story of a chance encounter with an interesting bloke. A few weeks ago, I met up with this guy who contacted me via from my one of my old blog which I still keep but have not been maintaining it

TEH TARIKWhile I did tell him that I had moved my focus away from Casino, he still persisted in wanting to meet up. It was kind of weird in the first place, cozĀ  I did not exactly know him and vice versa but yet he wanted to meet up with me to ‘exchange ideas’ even though I clearly told him that I am no longer toying around with casino roulette systems.

Anyway, it won’t hurt to meet new people and see what they got to say… who knows I might learn something…

So, I met up with this guy in at Mamak stall, a kind of local stall which are usually manage by Tamil Muslim and it’s a place where people congregate at night and either exchange BS or merely meeting up with friends to catch up over a couple of ‘teh tarik ‘. Which is a local drink literally translated as ‘Pulled Tea’.

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Alpari I – EUR

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  • Broker: Alpari
  • Leverage: 1:200
  • Currency Account: EUR
  • Started:Jan 1, 2010
  • EA Use: EAKain


22/5/11 – Forex Growth Bot is underway
24/6/11 – Hard reset, removing all scalping EA.
15/9/11 – Stopped all activity EA activity
27/3/12 – IvanaPipALot – Testing new Martingale EA.
14/5/12 – Stopped the test
6/7/12 – Restarted with IvanaPipALot with manual guidance
26/7/12 – Stopped the test
31/7/12 – Decided to test EAKain again on 3 currency pair

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