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It has been awhile…

Over the past few weeks, I have achieved two milestones. One major and the other minor. One personal and the other business. One is going to be a hands full while the other is going to be pocket full (hopefully…)

Over the past few weeks I had been on the low radar screen. Anxiously awaiting for the day to come. And that day came to me on the 23 November 2009.

On that day, I became a Daddy again… :)

I had to welcome a 3.55kg bundle of joy into this world. And it was better than winning a lottery… having said that, winning a lottery would be a wonderful bonus.

Note: The image beside is not my kid… had to keep my private photos and business photo separate if you know what I mean…

Anyway, this was one great milestone for me this year. The more the reason I have to try to be successful in my journey into the forex world.

It was very unsettling for me, and this has made me ignore my trading or my EA at in the works. I have also been ignoring a lot of my emails which I really need to reply if not people would think that I am just a stuck up ar$ehole…

I hope those that have written to me will understand and I hope to reply all my emails as soon as I can.

Now… my second milestone was getting myself involve with forex rebates. I should have done this a long time ago. But…….. as they say, better late then never.

I had previously registered with CashBackForex.com a few weeks ago but never did anything about it until recently. I thought ‘Damn! Since I have already open a few accounts, I don’t intend to open another account with another broker’

However my thoughts were misplaced. It was misplace because I never took the time read or browse the site. Now even though I already have an Alpari account, I could actually register my account with CashBackForex.com. And this was done with a simple filling of a form and informing alpari about this.

Because of this transition, I had to close all my position and then close my MT4 platform until all the necessary transfer were done.

And this was completed just middle of last week.

So now… all I have to do is start changing diapers, continue with my EA trading and see how much rebate I can make from my trading account… :)

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