Signing Off 2009

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 21-12-2009

4 more days before Christmas and 10 more day before the new year.

Have been busy and have been trying to get myself organize for next year. With my Christmas shopping done and my New Year’s resolution and objective completed for 2010. I am now ready sign off 2009.

But… not until I have think back about what has happened to me over the year 2009. Forex wise that is…

It has been a very interesting year for me in 2009. I have struggle and learn a lot about automatic trading. Apart from trying to find my footing with forex trading in automatic mode, it was really fun blogging about off it. My experiences and especially all these EA that popped up like mushroom over the recent months.

This is especially true over these past few weeks… I guess these developers are trying to see if they can squeeze some Christmas shopping money… :) Forex Nuke, Forex Sorcerer, Forex Enforcer, Forex Godfather and the latest Forex Knight Rider, Forex Transporter,

Wow… What next? Forex Forex A-Team? Forex Hulk? Forex Superman? Forex Mafia? Forex Jingle Bells?

Hmmm…. maybe I should come up with a list of what other forex EA name that will likely to come out come 2010…

Ok… I digress, I shall leave the name listing for next year… but anyhuuu…. You might say these EA pops, was the source of my blogging inspiration. Without them, this blog would have been like any other blog. Died and gone to internet heaven… or hell…

I believe the year of 2009 was a great year of learning and I hope that year 2010 is not longer a year of learning, but year of application success.

Also year 2009 was a great year of friendship for me as I slowly build a very global list of nice and interesting friendship with a lot of traders, both new and veteran traders who have in every way helped me in my endeavor to succeed in forex.

To all of them, I give my utmost gratitude. But I should also not forget those that drop by my site just to read the ‘nonsense’ that I write, hope that you have gain, if not some knowledge, some laughter. Did not intend for my blog to be boring…

Anyway, many things have been put into place which I am eager to blog and share with everyone now. But like forex trading, patience is key to ensuring that I have everything under control.

sexy_merry_christmas-11410So to everyone… I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, may Santa bring you joy even if the forex market does not give you any especially in my case :)

And a wonderful Happy New Year, wish you greater success in 2010.

Be good ye’all…. if not please be careful :)

With this… I end with a very interesting link to end your 2009…

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