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I currently use MT4 Stats to publish my live account on my live page… And recently I have been gravitated towards changing my MT4 publisher.

There are three MT4 publisher that I know of and today I want to write about them. Let me start of with my first….

mt4statsI believe MT4Stats was the first to offer MT4 users a way to publish their MT4 stats. When it started it was just the same type of statements which MT4 normally produces when you ‘save report as’ on your trading history.

At that time, (which was earlier this year) it was a great way to share your states without forwarding your html files to show how well your EA was performing.

And they had this cool embedded html codes where you can insert it into ones website.

Sometime ago, they have upgraded their platform and included a way to analyze your trades. They even inserted a graph like chart to see graphically how well ones account is doing which I have been using on my Live Account page.

One of the downside of using MT4Stats is that you need to create one login account per statement per account which kind of suck… Like me, I had four different account which means I had to create four different login ID per account.

Another thing about MT4Stats is that,  it is a bit too blend and has a boring look and color. No one wants to visit MT4Stats for the fun of it cause there is nothing much it offers other that what is was meant to do… which is to display your MT4 history stats and calculate a few parameter on it’s analyze page…

mt4liveWell… let’s just say this is a clone to The platform was the old platform and they seem to not have upgraded their platform… (I don’t know but from other members statement that I have checked, it seems to be still the same)

Anyway, MT4Live does not really offer anything new for the users. I see a lot more people using MT4Stats compared to MT4Live….

I got a feeling I know why it is?

It’s POP UP! That is something I really hate about MT4Live. Every time you look at a statement hosted on, you get this irritating pop up asking you to sign up to their newsletter… This really sucks big time… And I believe I am not the only one here.

I did not like that so much that I never even tried to publish my statement there just to find out the comparison between MT4Live and MT4Stats

myfxbookNow this is the newest which have recently surfaced. The platform is perfect…  ok not exactly perfect… but I believe it has been well thought off.

For one, you only need one account. And you can host as many MT4 stats as you want.

Secondly, the graph is very attractive and the information displayed are all the relevant information and it seem to appear in order of importance. ‘ % return’ I believe is the most important number that everyone first look at when they look at a statement, then comes the balance, equity, profit, deposit and withdrawal.

Thirdly, they offer the account owner to set the privacy level, which i think is a draw back instead of a plus point… However having said that, in order to maintain a certain credibility to the statement, myfxbook has, in a way become the verifier of statements.

They recently launch a way to: one, verify the statement to be true and coming from the account and two, verify that the statement does belong to the account owner of myfxbook. So in a way, when the owner keeps private certain information on an account, myfxbook will help to verify if the statement that you are looking at can be trusted and the graph or percentage return is said to be true or is just for pure entertainment bs.

And if you take time to visit browse the page titled ‘system’ you will see some system making like ga-zillion % return… Every traders dream, but how true it is? Well… you have to take a further look at the person hosting that account.

Now, I also like the one page statement that see everything. They put details of what you want to know about the statement on just that one page….

If you want to view the detail transaction of an account, you can view it page by page, without interfering with the other information, graph and chart. Unlike where it loads all the history transaction and the most important information is located at the bottom of the page….

There seems to be a lot of feature which I can talk about with regards to myfxbook, but I guess the only way for you to know what I mean is to visit and browse the site…

You can chat, communicate with the other system or account publisher,  you can discuss about a particular graph or statement, you can even set to an account to watch/set as favorite to see how it is performing over time…

Anyway,  I have a lot of good things to say about and I simply love it… So it is not surprising that I am planning to move my mt4 statement publisher to

Revolutionary if you ask me…

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