Signing Off 2009

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4 more days before Christmas and 10 more day before the new year.

Have been busy and have been trying to get myself organize for next year. With my Christmas shopping done and my New Year’s resolution and objective completed for 2010. I am now ready sign off 2009.

But… not until I have think back about what has happened to me over the year 2009. Forex wise that is…

It has been a very interesting year for me in 2009. I have struggle and learn a lot about automatic trading. Apart from trying to find my footing with forex trading in automatic mode, it was really fun blogging about off it. My experiences and especially all these EA that popped up like mushroom over the recent months.

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FXOpen – USD

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  • Broker: FXOpen
  • Leverage: 1:500
  • Currency Account: USD
  • Started:Dec 16, 2009
  • EA Use: Cyborg V1

Note: It’s a micro account so the balance amount might be misrepresented
14/1/10 – Added Pipstrider, Remove Blessing
13/3/11 – Removed Pipstrider, Forex Cresendo
24/6/11 – Moving this up the ladder solely on Cyborg EA

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MT4Stat Wars

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I currently use MT4 Stats to publish my live account on my live page… And recently I have been gravitated towards changing my MT4 publisher.

There are three MT4 publisher that I know of and today I want to write about them. Let me start of with my first….

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Looking Forward

Filed Under (Passing Thoughts) by Casey on 07-12-2009

Well, I guess it is early but it’s never too late to start thinking of 2010… :)

With the baby on board, my routine has been a bit of a topsy turvy. Trying to balance everything is no joke. On top of all that, the though of my family’s future is carried upon my shoulder to strive and succeed is nevertheless a burden that I have to carry without complains.

I have been toying around with EA long enough to know and understand where I want to take this. To look forward with clear goals and objective is something that I have been thinking about these past few days.

With Christmas and New Year coming plus the NFA ruling which effected one of my EA, I have been thinking about rebuilding my forex ea portfolio and hope to improve my presentation on my site soon.

I have been targeting a few EA which proves to be interesting and will take it on when I get myself more settled.

And with that, I have set my objective for the next year 2010.

Looking ahead…

1) Achieve a modest 5% per month return on my forex ea portfolio. (60% return per annum is considered a great return)
2) Complete my secret projects… (hehe… two secret projects which I hope to reveal it in a few months)
3) Build my forex EA (something which I have wanted to do but have been dragging my butt to do this)
4) Finally, to improve my writing skills.  (My en-grish is not exactly that great)


Watch Out Bad Boys!

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 03-12-2009

Santa Claus is coming to town

I know it’s a bit early… but i thought this would be fun…

I came across this article would can could prove to be a new steps towards getting rid of most commercial EA BS hype…


F T C is coming to town!
(Sang by the tune of Santa Clause is coming to town)

Oh! You better watch out,
You better not ploy,
You better not con,
And telling them lies:

F T C is coming to town!

They are making a list,
They checking it twice,
They gonna find out
who’s conning or right.

F T C is coming to town!

They sees you when you’re conning,
They knows when you’re misleading,
They knows when you’ve shit or true,
So be true for goodness sake!

So…You better watch out,
You better not sham,
You better not scam,
And telling them lies:

F T C is coming to town!
F T C is coming to town!
F T C is coming to town!


Ok… it is not a good rendition… but hey… for fun and laughter…. :)

Read this interesting article:
Heard of the FTC? You Absolutely Must Read This Before You Write Another Blog Post or Promote Another Product!

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Privacy and Disclaimer

Filed Under (Passing Thoughts) by Casey on 03-12-2009

I have been reading this blog and this particular post made me think that it is about time I work out my privacy and disclaimer policy.

I never really thought about it as necessary. I mean… I don’t even ready the privacy policy and disclaimer of all the sites that I visited… Ever…

So far, no one has sued my ar$e off for not putting these in place but let’s not make me be the first to let that happen…

So…. here are my privacy and disclaimer policy for your viewing pleasure… It will permanently be at the bottom of my site on every page.

Privacy Policy | Disclaimer

I to the B… to the NFA

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I guess the NFA has really gotten to IBFX’s skin…

Last week I got a mail from IBFX saying that they are compiling with NFA’s rulling and will be only offering a maximum leverage of 1:100 come 29 November 2009. My first reaction was ‘$hit!!! Gawd Dang!!’ I was just about to request a change in leverage on my IBFX account and IBFX had to do this $hit to me…

The hedging thing was a minor issue for me. As long as I only trade one side per currency I would be fine…. I wasn’t hedging with my Cyborg on IBFX so it was fine.

However… I am using martingale on this account. And leverage is a key to the success of my many days of backtesting… I wasn’t going to sit on this and not say a word!

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What’s Up?

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It has been awhile…

Over the past few weeks, I have achieved two milestones. One major and the other minor. One personal and the other business. One is going to be a hands full while the other is going to be pocket full (hopefully…)

Over the past few weeks I had been on the low radar screen. Anxiously awaiting for the day to come. And that day came to me on the 23 November 2009.

On that day, I became a Daddy again… :)

I had to welcome a 3.55kg bundle of joy into this world. And it was better than winning a lottery… having said that, winning a lottery would be a wonderful bonus.

Note: The image beside is not my kid… had to keep my private photos and business photo separate if you know what I mean…

Anyway, this was one great milestone for me this year. The more the reason I have to try to be successful in my journey into the forex world.

It was very unsettling for me, and this has made me ignore my trading or my EA at in the works. I have also been ignoring a lot of my emails which I really need to reply if not people would think that I am just a stuck up ar$ehole…

I hope those that have written to me will understand and I hope to reply all my emails as soon as I can.

Now… my second milestone was getting myself involve with forex rebates. I should have done this a long time ago. But…….. as they say, better late then never.

I had previously registered with a few weeks ago but never did anything about it until recently. I thought ‘Damn! Since I have already open a few accounts, I don’t intend to open another account with another broker’

However my thoughts were misplaced. It was misplace because I never took the time read or browse the site. Now even though I already have an Alpari account, I could actually register my account with And this was done with a simple filling of a form and informing alpari about this.

Because of this transition, I had to close all my position and then close my MT4 platform until all the necessary transfer were done.

And this was completed just middle of last week.

So now… all I have to do is start changing diapers, continue with my EA trading and see how much rebate I can make from my trading account… :)