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I recently started a project… Project Silly Scalping.

This project started when I was nostalgically retesting both FAPTurb0 and DragonPips, but with a different twist.

Instead of following their recommendation, I only focus their scalping strategy on only one currency pair, which was EURCHF. Why only one currency pair?

Well firstly it was because the backtesting result for these scalping EA does well with EURCHF… Don’t know if it’s the pair characteristic or the EA, but somehow that particular currency pair does well for all scalpers…

Secondly, it was easier to manage. Previously I followed their manual, and open up a lot of charts and MT4 just to accommodate the results. It was a killer… I kinda killed myself trying to manage and at times tweak the settings here and there… if I did it for one I had to do it for the rest in order to see consistency.

It was kind of stupid… but hey… it’s meant to be a lesson to me. And a lesson I have learned. So two simple reason, even if I do backtest and try to optimize the settings. I won’t go crazy…

Anyway… coming back to my story…

Sometime ago I wrote an article about Forex Shocker… “Simply Shocking” (Wow… that was in July 09, how time fly)

I can’t remember what happened to it… why I did not backtest it or did I ever test it out? Hmmm… or did I? Well, the past is not important. What is important is now… so anyhuu… I was reading a forum thread that some say forex shocker was an amazing scalper and it seems to be…

So I dig up the old EA and this time with a renewed sense of direction and objective, I backtested it again. This time round I only focus on EURCHF. Using the recommended settings… this was the result that I got…

Shocker EURCHF 2009

And subsequently I tested it out from 1999.

Shocker EURCHF 1999-2009.gif

*Warning: Statement is 30mb large… click at your own risk…

On these two backtesting results I had tested it on a wider trading time window… and results shows great promise.

But I guess I did not stop there… Not only did I tested out Forex Shocker… I also tested out Votality’s EA… You know… the free EA which Caspian EA ripped?

Well yes… I tested both the Votality EURCHF and EuroCross EURCHF… and with great results too…

EuroCross EURCHF 2009

Votality EURCHF 2009

I only tested this out for 2009… because when I tested Votality EURCHF.. from 1999… this was the result… kinda same linear curve as all the scalping backtesting results… I wonder why… it is only from 2007 or 2008 that one will see a turning on the curve… Odd…

Votality EURCHF 1999-2009——————————————–

Anyway… the only way to know is to test it out. So now what else… with this sort of results… I let it ripped together with my FAP and DragonPips…

Hmmm… this reminds me of an idea I was toying around…. EURO Blitzkrieg

Oh well… that campaign was a failure… Hope this one does not turn out that way either… *fingers crossed*

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