I am Shameless…

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I have to admit here that I am shameless…

On my previous posts Shameless… Just Shameless…, I took a whack at the site owner without getting a clear picture. Maybe because I am numb to all these, maybe as some people would say experiences has caused me to be very cynical about this industry…

Anyway… after I posted the article above, I wrote to Don Steinitz and ask him about this site www.ForexRobotNoLoss.com

And this is the reply that I got from him:

Thank you for your interest in our Forex Robot No Loss. I was approached by these two gentlemen who give me some excellent ideas to control drawdown. Because I liked what they had to offer we made changes in the robot and at the same time simplified the number of functions. There are two new functions that allow the robot to exit on the upper timeframe or high timeframe when the trend changes direction.

This is a function that will not be modified on the Forex Robot Trader website and only available on the Forex Robot No Loss website. These two gentlemen also give me some other ideas that were coded in this robot that I promised not to divulge to further help with drawdowns.

Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity to go into partnership on a second website. We’re so sure about this robot we are offering a 60 day moneyback guarantee through ClickBank. Make no mistake nothing is wrong or inferior with the original robot on Forex Robot Trader. We are simply combining forces to make even a better robot with this partnership…..

To purchase your software please click on the following link:


For any questions please click on the following link:




And yes… SquareRoot. Your comment has been noted…I thought I would put out a post.

Should I apologies?

Probably that’s my ego typing away on this post but… no. I don’t think I need to apologies.

You see, Don is like ‘The Jonas Brothers’ some people like them, some people dislike them and some people are neutral to them.

So I have used his EA before… and I don’t really like it… To complicated, blah blah blah… I wrote about this before…

I had at least some respect for him as a developer… His site is at least better than most of the commercial BS around which probably hyped up their site just to sell a product.

His affiliate falls into that category… if he has a good product. Why sell the rights it with some modification? Wouldn’t he want to protect his brand? I had initially wrote that article with the assumption that he would not be so silly enough to do such a thing… But I was wrong.

Call me naive… but there are so many different type of people out there don’t you think?

Well… I guess many reason could be said as to why he sold his rights or his partial rights to his EA… Who knows… and who cares…

But I guess my respect for him dropped a notch… but again who cares… everyone in this industry is in this industry for the sole reason to make money period… No matter how they are going to do it… they won’t care… as long as they are making money… and others are losing theirs

So… who cares if I took a whack at his by-product… who cares what people say about this ar$ehole name Casey who just write BS on his site…

Yes… who cares indeed… as long as one can make money from this industry… who cares…

I guess the only ones who would care is the ones who have lost money… like me… :)

Anyway, anyhow, anywhere… if these guys don’t want to care about how they bring about good product or services into this industry… then I too will continue to be shameless in my postings…

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