The Caspian Sea

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A few weeks ago, someone asked me about Caspian EA. He told me that this EA looks to have potential… but the site was in Persian or Arabic and could not seem to understand what the site offers.

I took a deeper look at this EA just a few days ago… manage to get my hands on the EA and had a look at it…

I did a backtest on it and the result was very similar to the one of FAPTurbo and DragonPips on EURCHF

I was pretty impressive but I am also very curious… Currency pair characteristics or another clone?

Out of curiosity… I manage to decompile it and have a look at the codes..


Somehow or rather this codes do look very familiar… but just could not place my fingers on it… This is the second time, I have come across codes such as this and could not really find which codes does it really belong too…

The dll call files that I believe I have seen it before… setHarga. That is a either a Malay/Indo word. Harga means price…


And that I believe is the codes to set the price…

Not being satisfied and was again curious why the author have two different EA for two different currency pair… I subsequently I decompile and took a look at the EA for EURGBP…

And boom… it is similar to another EA which was DragonPips…




Apart from have a few different codes here and there…. Caspian EURGBP is the clone of DragonPips…

Now if one of it is a clone… then the other would/might also be a clone… am I correct to conclude this?

The only problem is that I can’t figure out which EA it was…

On another note… seeing how both these three EA… FAPTurbo, DragonPips and Caspian are different… it’s interesting to see that all these three graphs exhibit the same sort of equity curve….


By the way… these two EA are sold at $550!!! Conning his own countrymen?

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