Conquering Cyborg ~ Finally

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It has been slow and difficult. Not difficult in the sense that backtesting was hard work. Difficult in the sense that I was really dragging my feet. Getting back to the momentum after about a month of non activeness is really difficult.

The law of momentum really applies here…

I have been dragging my feet last week, even with a renewed enthusiasm, I still could not get myself to really focus on my conquest on Cyborg.

The mind was strong but the body was weak… sighh… Nevertheless, I hope with these new found results. I might be able to meet my objectives.

I have over the past been backtesting Cyborg with a new idea. It may not be new to most of you but it was new to me. I previously did not reveal this idea because I wanted to ‘blackmail’ the cyborg developer… :)

Why? because with such an interesting EA, he had never advice or even backtesting EURCHF and provide for his clients… Then again… I am not his client… but I have referred to him a few clients so I am not sure if his private forum ever mention this…

Anyhuuuu… I think it’s time I let you all know what I was doing with Cyborg. Oh.. for your information, I have been backtesting these on the very first version of Cyborg.

The idea I had used was the time factor, which I had mention before when I finally gave up on Best Forex Sniper. Cyborg has the parameter or algorithm to control the time to trade. With the experiences I have with Best Forex Sniper, I found out that if the trade were taken at a particular time period/frame/length… This strategy could prove successful.

So with that in mind, I set out to see what is the optimized time.

I have also in fact stated before, that volatility was a killer for this strategy, and usually the volatile period most of the time were during the currency trading hours and news hour.

So like scalping, the best time window to activate this EA was outside the country/continent trading hours of a particular currency pair… EURCHF would of course trade during asian hours and vice versa…

On top of that, I narrowed the window further by looking at the critical news period of both these currency pair. Forex Factory has one help of a calender site to do this…

One flaw in this idea that I have recently discovered is that… most of the time, the trade does not close within the time window. So, if the trade prolongs outside this trading window, the it will be in the mercy of volatility. So I guess not all currency pair would be the best used of this strategy.

Below are two backtesting results on EURCHF. One was tested within the trading window while the other was open meaning trading window period was turned off. (Click on graph to view detail statement)

EURCHF(1999-2009)~Time period 1600 – 0500 hrs

EURCHF(1999-2009)~Time period off


It is interesting to note, with that with out the time control, EURCHF has one instances where it was stopped out and but when I set the time window period off… that particular trade did not take place. I took a step further to identify what this happens… and no answers were found. So I took it as it was a bad trade… no 100% correct system.

Still… this was still itching in my mind… this test was from 1999 till 2009 and this drawdown took place in August 2008.

I understand that this currency pair has a very wide trading time window because EUR and CHF is practically housed under the same time zone. Other than that… I am ignorant about it’s characteristic…

Now here is the kicker… One of the many reason, I have been very quiet these past two weeks was also I was backtesting and re backtesting and testing again a few other currency pair which caught my attention…

I found two currency pair which does not seem to be affected by the time period window… and the result was a straight arrow to the sky of the graph…

Hmmm… shall I be a bastard again and hide my parameters? hehe… ok… just kidding.

Below are the results of two currency pair which I found with good results… with the time window turned off…

EURGBP(1999-2009)~Time period off
AUDUSD(1999-2009)~Time period off

Here are the parameter which I had used for EURGBP and AUDUSD. Again… this is the first version of Cyborg that I was using. Not too sure if the new version would yield these sort of results

Here are the only parameter changed. All other were maintained to their default

mm=—Money Management—
mls=–Manual Lot Size If MM = false–
pom=–Primary Order Management–
sm0=–Trading Hours – Brokers GMT Server Time–
sm2=UseTradingHours – 0 = false, 1 = true

As always… the next step is to go live with this…

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