A Cardinal Sin

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Cloning an EA and improving it I believe would be a gift to all mankind… Cloning an EA, improving it and selling it… well that’s debatable… Cloning an EA WITHOUT any improvement what so ever is a cardinal sin in forex EA…

Don’t know about you guys but the third scenario in my books it is just not nice… It’s not nice to the original developer and it’s not fair to the end user… What this EA is, is a knock-off, reversed engineering and flogging it off with a missing letter to the brand… it’s like selling a knock-off shoe of adidas call adibas.

Anyway… here is my story… a few days ago I got an email from someone… he did not care to leave his/her name at the end of the email… asking me to test out his EA.

I thought like wow… that’s great. I thought I had regain back my reputation as a tester after months of losses on my account… so happily I downloaded the EA, upzip it and thought I would get to work right away…

To my surprise, this guy/gal send the files to me in mq4 format… I mean he/she send to me the raw source code!! Again I was wow-ed… save me the trouble of decompiling to just to see what was this EA all about…

To my surprise… it was a CLONE!

I was very familiar with this Clone and I mean very familiar… At first I thought it was a joke… I mean seriously… if the developer did approach me to test out his/her EA, I believe he would have at least read my blog… and what I have been up too…

But the first thought that came to my head was that… I should give him/her the benefit of the doubt… why? Firstly… I believe he/she would have read my blog. Secondly for him/her to send to me the EA in mq4 format means that he/she might be new to the EA world… and got conned by his/her programmer.

I mean… hey… this was not the first time it happens… like Peter Liburd of Forex Transformer… (Transformer got Decepti-CONned?)

So before I jump into any conclusion, I wrote to the developer and ask for clarification. I told him my thoughts and that the EA he/she sent to me was a clone and that if he/she was innocent, he/she might have been conned and he/she should report his/her case.

But I was very surprise by his reply… So I wrote to him/her again because I just could not understand, his/her angle… I told him that I would not test his EA because I have tested the original EA… and that for me to write something about it would mean scrutinizing from all forum, blogs and what not…

Again his/her reply was very puzzling… So I though… What the hell… I’ll write about it

The up and coming EA is Cardinal FX. (www.CardinalFX.com) At the time of this writing, the EA is going to be launched in 3 days time which is the 1st November 2009.


And it is a clone of DragonPips or Thunder4WD


And below is the email between me and this developer…


Well… he did say write whatever I thought was fair… I mean how to be fair…

One thing though from the email, I can not interpret whether he/she knows what he/she was getting into or not? Oh well… whatever it was it’s not my business…

My business is to trade with EA and write what I see…

All I can say now is, all the best of luck dude/dudette … while I did not do a review on your EA, at least I give you some exposure.

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