A Cardinal Sin

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Cloning an EA and improving it I believe would be a gift to all mankind… Cloning an EA, improving it and selling it… well that’s debatable… Cloning an EA WITHOUT any improvement what so ever is a cardinal sin in forex EA…

Don’t know about you guys but the third scenario in my books it is just not nice… It’s not nice to the original developer and it’s not fair to the end user… What this EA is, is a knock-off, reversed engineering and flogging it off with a missing letter to the brand… it’s like selling a knock-off shoe of adidas call adibas.

Anyway… here is my story… a few days ago I got an email from someone… he did not care to leave his/her name at the end of the email… asking me to test out his EA.

I thought like wow… that’s great. I thought I had regain back my reputation as a tester after months of losses on my account… so happily I downloaded the EA, upzip it and thought I would get to work right away…

To my surprise, this guy/gal send the files to me in mq4 format… I mean he/she send to me the raw source code!! Again I was wow-ed… save me the trouble of decompiling to just to see what was this EA all about…

To my surprise… it was a CLONE!

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The Caspian Sea (Update)

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Thanks Daniel for the link…. Now I remember where I had seen that EA before… I did not manage to open it up because it was hidden nicely in my PipTurbo folder…

Anyway… took sometime to visit the site again…Yeah… his site is pretty interesting… On top of that he is giving out his EA for free… how cool is that… http://volatily-scalp.blogspot.com/

Hmmm… I wonder why I did not pursue his EA further the first time round… I smell a tiny project to do… :)

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The Caspian Sea

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A few weeks ago, someone asked me about Caspian EA. He told me that this EA looks to have potential… but the site was in Persian or Arabic and could not seem to understand what the site offers.

I took a deeper look at this EA just a few days ago… manage to get my hands on the EA and had a look at it…

I did a backtest on it and the result was very similar to the one of FAPTurbo and DragonPips on EURCHF

I was pretty impressive but I am also very curious… Currency pair characteristics or another clone?

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FAPTurbo really Evolving

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This is just a quick update… Since I was being nostalgic and taking a look at FAPTurbo again on my previous post… I thought it would be interesting to see if it’s next generation robot… FAP Evolution did any better…

Well… got this from Donna Forex’s site http://www.fapturboswiss.net/


Ok… let the comments flow…

Ready… 1 .. 2 .. 3.. GO!!!

FAP My Dragon…

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This was another idea that I have been toying around on my head over the past few weeks. In the forums these days, FAPTurbo has been very quiet. I am sure with all the good and the bad experiences that have been floating around, plus new EAs that have been popping up… I believe a lot of people have put FAPTurbo in their KIV folder and not trade it at all…

The idea was that, if not many people are using FAPTurbo to scalp… then maybe there is a chance that FAPTurbo might be of use again…

Don’t know how far this truth is… but the myth is that if a bunch of people say 10,000 people were to use the same EA simultaneously, the number of execution at the same entry point is a known variable that would or might hinder the efficiency of a system… (The last I checked, FAPTurbo sales was over 10k but not sure what was the % returned)

Now… I do not know how true it is… some people say that is a reason why some system are rendered useless when a certain number amount of people start using the same system.

I am not going to clarify or verify this… I just use it as a reason to look into FAPTurbo once again…

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Cutting some Bling

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After some thought I finally decided to leave Cyborg as it is and focus on other things that I have in mind.

So in parallel, not only am I toying with old ideas, I had to take some time to really a closer look at Forex Bling. Since I was on the roll backtesting since two months ago… I thought it would be nice to backtest Forex Bling…but wait… You can’t backtest Forex Bling’s EA…

The EA or developer does not seem to have written the code in such a way that would allow end users to backtest it… pretty $hitty no? Something to do with the dll files that pings back to their server…

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Conquering Cyborg ~ Crossroads

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What next??

Now that I have finally conquered martingale with cyborg… well… have not won the battle yet, still need time to see if my backtesting would reflect itself on my forward statement…

Until then… the question again… What next?

I was thinking of two things. Either continue to optimize those three currency pair or hop on to the next idea which is bugging my brains out…

Decisions… decisions… decisions…


Conquering Cyborg ~ Finally

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It has been slow and difficult. Not difficult in the sense that backtesting was hard work. Difficult in the sense that I was really dragging my feet. Getting back to the momentum after about a month of non activeness is really difficult.

The law of momentum really applies here…

I have been dragging my feet last week, even with a renewed enthusiasm, I still could not get myself to really focus on my conquest on Cyborg.

The mind was strong but the body was weak… sighh… Nevertheless, I hope with these new found results. I might be able to meet my objectives.

I have over the past been backtesting Cyborg with a new idea. It may not be new to most of you but it was new to me. I previously did not reveal this idea because I wanted to ‘blackmail’ the cyborg developer… :)

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Bling Bling Bonanza

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LONDON - DECEMBER 05:  Christie's employee Bec...
Let’s have a look shall we?

Getting back into the momentum is difficult… As I was taking my break, I only left two EA running. Forex Bling and also Cyborg EA… while I am still running some backtest on Cyborg, I thought it would be nice to update my escapade with Forex Bling.

I must say the Forex Bling creator has put a lot of hard work into developing these package. I mean take a look at the afford they put into ensuring that their EA works on all broker… whether live or demo… they wanted to show or rather prove that their EA work on all broker.


But I guess the most important thing is not the results that they are getting… what better way to verify their results than posting my own results right??

So here goes…

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