Martingale Mania X ~ Dumping Megan

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Well… not exactly dumping her… It is no secret that I just love Megan Fox… beautiful, sexy and elegant. And like any beautiful women… they are also dangerous. That is how I equate Martingale system to.

Treat them right and they will show you what heaven is… treat them wrong and you get $hit for it…

Over the past installments of my Martingale Mania series… It was a lesson or rather journey to my understanding  about what Martingale system was all about and most importantly how to handle a strategy like this…

So before I started to dive into my second phase of backtesting with Best Forex Sniper… I put more thought into what I have learn and what I was going to go through…

Imagine… I was testing going to test these 6 currency pair, each would take 12 hours per year… of course I was just  stumped.

By my calculation, if I were to backtest every year per currency pair, it would take me like… 63 rounds. And if I were to continuously test every round at 12 hours each round it would take 31.5 days!!!

Man… there has got to be another way… So I took a step back and studied the charts, backtesting results and of course… some other forex reading material

Then boom!!

Grid strategy’s strength is it thrive on ranging markets… and lousy on trending markets and volitile markets. So when is it a  trending and volatile? Usually when volume are high and during news hour…

I realize that Best Forex Sniper does not have a time filter… So it really took me a few steps back… I thought of rewriting Sniper EA when I realize that Cyborg has a time control algorithm in it’s EA… so why reinvent the wheel?

With all the ideas or lessons that I have learned in the Martingale Mania series… I dump it into Cyborg… and voila!!

After some testing…. (Cyborg backtesting took a shorter time frame than Sniper) I was able to find and identify my first currency pair that ran ‘straight’ through from 1999 till 31 August 2009 with Cyborg!!!

It was by chances that I choose EURCHF… well, it was not exactly or totally by chance… I have to thank Onur who suggested I take a better look into EURCHF…

Just for fun sake… I actually manage to complete backtest Sniper on EURCHF… for 2008… and here was the results…

As you can see… HUGE differences… Well with this success on Cyborg… I believe it is time to end the Martingale Mania series… And begin a new series entitled Conquering Cyborg

Now… before I continue, I am going to be a bastard here… If you manage to pull up the backtesting results on Cyborg… you will not see the settings or parameters… This is because I have deleted it…

I really want to continue with more backtesting… That’s because I found the profit factor to be a bit of a pain… 4000 profit for a 2000 drawdown since 1999… It’s not exactly that profitable. However… all the hints are in my blog… nothing new, just mixing and matching…

Still this is just the tip of the iceberg… once or if successful… I am going to hold the Cyborg developer for ransom!!


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