Burnout Blues

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 28-09-2009

Has this every happen to any one of you? Well this has happened to me over the past two weeks.

I believe I had the case of burnout blues… if ever there is such a thing. Over the past two weeks I was very inactive in forex.

My last activity was backtesting Cyborg against all the known currency pair. I had a lot of results… some interesting, some lousy, and one or two good potential ones.

But somehow or rather these results did not excite me. I really don’t know why… when I wanted to post these results. I always freeze in front of my computer… Don’t really know why I could not push myself to do it…

Even when I wanted to continue backtesting Cyborg with some new ideas…  I just stared at my computer screen blankly like I was stoned with puffing too much weed.

One things for sure, I did not try to answer why I was stumped everytime I try to do anything with the word ‘Forex’ in it… I just decided to take a break. I mean a real break.

Previously when I said I would take a break, I just took the ‘over the weekend’ break. But…this time. I completely took a two week break from anything and everything forex. Nothing to do with forex, backtesting, answering emails, not even going to my site to see what is happening.

Even when my VPS was shutdown for a few days… I did not care. I just let it be…

Well, I must say that it that break did well for me… but now since I lost my momentum that was running over the past few months… I have to get back into the motion, by setting my gear level to one…

I started answering my emails a few at a time, posting this update on my blog, continue with my backtesting and realigning myself again. Resetting my VPS and EAs and let her rip…

Kind of like starting a fresh… with a good perspective. Well… looking forward to next month once more with renewed enthusiasm…  and share with everyone my results soon.

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