Burnout Blues

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Has this every happen to any one of you? Well this has happened to me over the past two weeks.

I believe I had the case of burnout blues… if ever there is such a thing. Over the past two weeks I was very inactive in forex.

My last activity was backtesting Cyborg against all the known currency pair. I had a lot of results… some interesting, some lousy, and one or two good potential ones.

But somehow or rather these results did not excite me. I really don’t know why… when I wanted to post these results. I always freeze in front of my computer… Don’t really know why I could not push myself to do it…

Even when I wanted to continue backtesting Cyborg with some new ideas…  I just stared at my computer screen blankly like I was stoned with puffing too much weed.

One things for sure, I did not try to answer why I was stumped everytime I try to do anything with the word ‘Forex’ in it… I just decided to take a break. I mean a real break.

Previously when I said I would take a break, I just took the ‘over the weekend’ break. But…this time. I completely took a two week break from anything and everything forex. Nothing to do with forex, backtesting, answering emails, not even going to my site to see what is happening.

Even when my VPS was shutdown for a few days… I did not care. I just let it be…

Well, I must say that it that break did well for me… but now since I lost my momentum that was running over the past few months… I have to get back into the motion, by setting my gear level to one…

I started answering my emails a few at a time, posting this update on my blog, continue with my backtesting and realigning myself again. Resetting my VPS and EAs and let her rip…

Kind of like starting a fresh… with a good perspective. Well… looking forward to next month once more with renewed enthusiasm…  and share with everyone my results soon.

Martingale Mania X ~ Dumping Megan

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Well… not exactly dumping her… It is no secret that I just love Megan Fox… beautiful, sexy and elegant. And like any beautiful women… they are also dangerous. That is how I equate Martingale system to.

Treat them right and they will show you what heaven is… treat them wrong and you get $hit for it…

Over the past installments of my Martingale Mania series… It was a lesson or rather journey to my understanding  about what Martingale system was all about and most importantly how to handle a strategy like this…

So before I started to dive into my second phase of backtesting with Best Forex Sniper… I put more thought into what I have learn and what I was going to go through…

Imagine… I was testing going to test these 6 currency pair, each would take 12 hours per year… of course I was just  stumped.

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Martingale Mania IX ~ More Backtesting

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Here is another boring post on backtesting results with Best Forex Sniper… I have found a few more currency pair which needs to be considered…


Get ready… here are the results… Read the rest of this entry »

Diamonds Are Forever

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Muahaha… just bought a new toy! This EA was just released on Monday…

Well… it has been a while since I have heard of new EA… Or rather it has been a while since I started searching around for new EAs. I guess there are no new hyped up, email spamming EA, insane backtesting profits EA flying around. The last much publicize EA was IVYBot…

Anyway… about a week or two ago, I got an email unexpectedly from an EA developer from Singapore. He was about to launch his new EA package call forex bling. He wrote to me seeking to work with me to launch his new EA… I never really got to it until a week ago when I took a deeper look.

The new EA that was being released was Forex Bling.

What better way to indulge myself with Megan… I mean with my martingale escapade than getting a diamond that goes bling bling. Read the rest of this entry »

Martingale Mania VIII ~ Cyborg

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Initially I was thinking about posting my August month end performances. But seeing how I screwed up big time with Best Forex Sniper in the first two weeks… I decided to defer this to probably the end of this month.

While Best Forex Sniper slaughtered me… due to my ignorance to using the Martingale strategy… I manage to come off with lessons from these losses. And that losses was translated into my Martingale Mania series.

It’s funny that my most feared strategy became my most intriguing strategy to me. I initially encounter with Martingale on my live account was Cyborg. I knew it was a gamble and I knew it was too good to be true from Cyborg’s page… so with a small account of over $400 bucks… I gamble it on Cyborg…

And I must say by far… this is my best performing EA… mind you I am still using the initial version of Cyborg and the initial settings. Why toyed with it when it is not broken? Ok… I did toy with Cyborg once… A Quick Wank is a NO-NO!

Exciting as it was. That toy was a gamble… after that episode… I just left Cyborg as it is.

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Martingale Mania VII ~ Backtesting Bane

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While it is not a secret that backtesting is a real pain for me… nevertheless it needs to be done. It took a long time to really test Best Forex Sniper’s EA. Doing one currency pair over the period of 8 months took me like 12 hours… and I was really contemplating on whether I should continue with backtesting other currency pair.

Well, I had to do it. I needed to satisfy my curiosity… leaving no stone unturned. I wanted to me sure that my initial ‘blink’ on the chart was correct.

In my previous posts Martingale Mania V ~ Currency Pair, I manage to get 4 out of 5 correct, with a glance of the chart to see that my theory that any pair with a 330 pips movement one way without retracing would not be suitable for this EA.

With that before diving into these 4 currency to backtest it further… I had to satisfy my curiosity if other pairs could have potential for this EA… I did not trust my eyes.

So… here are the results on the currency pair that I have backtested


Bombarding Barometer

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I manage to get a cut and paste Terms of sales on Forex Barometer… So far the developer has not replied my email. But this is was the terms of sales as stated on his forum/website (however I am unable to find the terms of sales from his website) And the terms of sales was actually gotten from another insider in the forum. Bless his heart… without him I would never have gotten this… Read the rest of this entry »