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I recently got information with regards to S26 and how they have issued a new update. I have already been restricted from the forum access and thought that my 1 month support have actually expired. So I was not able to gain access to download the new update.

So I casually wrote to the develop and ask if I will be able to get an update of S26… And this is what he replied…


What the fu(k?!

The two title articles were from me, but he got the link from another site… what ever it was, he was not too happy with my thoughts on forex barometer…

So the terms of sales was violated… I was trying to find and reread the terms of sale again but I could not get it… if anyone of you still have access to the forum, please forward or cut and paste or take a screenshot of the terms of sales… I want to know which terms of sales that I have violated..  I also wrote to him and am awaiting his reply…

Until he replies, or until I get a glimpse of the terms of sales… I will reserve my comments of upset and anger at this point in time…

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