Squash Like An Ant

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What was suppose to be like Muhammad Ali to ‘Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee’ ended up to be ‘Fly like a boomerang and sink like a ship’

What was suppose to be my conquest to rule the world with Ms Martingale ended up to be a $hit in the toilet…

What was suppose to be the ‘best forex ea’ is nothing more than the ‘best folie ever’

I guess I don’t have to explain no??

The secret EA that I was talking about is nothing more than a sham…Yes, I sham you all on this blog… there was no secret EA… Just a dumb a$$ toying around with Ms Martingale and got a good pu$$y whipping….

I thought I could handle her… I thought I could manage the situation. I have already thought of all situations and thought of how I would work on it to ensure that I don’t fu(k up with this strategy…

But alas… Martingale was just too much for me to handle.

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Nothings describe me better today than these pictures above….


Teaser Thursday

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Meet Ms Martingale...

Firstly thank you all very much for writing or rather emailing to me personally to try and dig out information about this secret EA that I am currently testing.

But I am not going to tell…. :) In fact, I am going to give you guys a teaser.

How good is this EA? It is gawd dang good. However, it is not without work. I had to practically monitor it every hour… just to be sure that my drawdown level was healthy…

It was so gawd dang good that I was also caught with my pants down… Martingale is again a dangerous strategy and all efforts are or have to be put in place to ensure that I do not mess up…

Martingale is like a hot red sexy woman… They seduce you with wonderful offerings from heaven.

Once you taste the wonderful fruit from heaven, be sure to take good care of them… if not… You either get slapped, back stabbed, whatever it would take to kick you in the nuts… Never mess with a scornful red hot sexy gal…

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Keeping A Secret

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Ok… I have to admit. I lied in my previous post with regards to cooling off and about reseting and rebooting my automatic trading activities. Kinda screwed up what I plan for August…

But there is a reason for it…. Well, last month I kept a secret from you all. I was secretly testing an EA. Have a look at this…

IBFXJuly09aSorry… I did not insert my statement here…

This graph was from my IBFX account which I had set aside for Fedora FX due to hedging issues, I needed to create another account so that it does not messed with my main account which was using Cyborg.

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Are You FINE?

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Looking at how I have been making losses after losses. I choose to study deeper into this topic. While there are a lot of articles out there about ‘Why do Traders Lose?’ this is one of the best article (in my opinion) I have come across.

Why? Probably he struck a chord with her ‘FINE’ expression…


I really like the acronym FINE which she describe in her article,





Reflecting on the article, I believe I am FINE.. My account balance justified that I am ‘F’. The way I approach my automatic trading shows how ‘I’ I am…

As for N… well… the definition of neurotic is a person who suffers from neurosis which means ‘a mental or personality disturbance not attributable to any known neurological or organic dysfunction’. That is debatable and I refuse to acknowledge that I am mentally disturb.

While leads to ‘E’, while that is also debatable… I believe in this sense, my emotionally instability is due to my impulsiveness. I am inpatient, my greed and fear fluctuate so much that I toy around with the robot settings without a clear plan.

So I think I am FIE rather than FINE, which can also be an acronym for ‘You got to do something about this’.

I especially liked her closing…

This is war and you chose to enter it. So, if you do, come prepared for the battle of your life. This is the biggest battlefield on the planet. Welcome to the great game of trading!

Time to hatch a battle plan no?? I have to continue my search for my band of brothers… or create my own RAMBO EA. Say… that’s not bad for a EA name…. :)

Maybe when I do come out with my own EA… I am going to call it RAMBO EA or Forex Rambo…


Much Ado About Nothing

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It’s already the 3 August 2009. And don’t really know what is happening with this new NFA ruling…

Seems to me it’s nothing more than just silly blah blah here and there. The only thing that was on everyone’s concern was the hedging rule.

Other than that… the limit order or even stop order limit is nothing more than stupid hyped up news. $hit… made me piss my pants for nothing.

Luckily… I was cool enough to wait for the outright news from each broker to come up with their announcment before I took any drastic action.

IBFX apparently was fined $250,000 I think it was for money laundering preventive measures rather than for this new hedging and FIFO ruling…

Whatever it is… IBFX has issued a press release that they comply with FIFO while keeping in tact all MT4 expert adviser’s function.


As for FXDD, I think their application is still under review… so no worries there. All’s well it ends well… I think….

Perfomances As Of End July 09

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So… what else can I say… I have still not successfully claimed my place in the automatic forex world. It is sad… really sad. But I can not give up.

After my ranting a few days ago. This is my forex position at the end of July 09


What was filled with hope ended with dismay… Four months of continuous lost. Not good… not good at all…

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