Martingale Mania IV ~ The EAs

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There are basically 3 martingale strategy that are somewhat similar but different in application. As it has it, people have been saying that is clone of Blessing EA which is a free EA.

As I dive deeper into these EA, I discover another EA which was apparently build on Blessing EA too named Masyuk EA.

Blessing EA ~ Forex TSD Forum

Best Forex Sniper ~

Masyuk EA ~ FXOpen Forum

Upon closer inspection… the base of Sniper and Masyuk are the same but the coding seems to be different.


As you can see… each EA starts of by defining or declaring each currency pair to a magic number. And It seems that these are the only codes that are similar with all these three EA…

But with regards to coding, blessing has the most extensive codes, second is Sniper while Masyuk has the simplest coding for Martingale strategy….

From what I can gathered from demo testing Blessing, the settings are a bit confusing but it’s pretty much explained by the manual from the developer. So one really need to take time to study it. The forum thread is amazingly but not surprisingly long. It is about 173 pages long at the time of this writing. I stopped at page 10… and continue on page 170… :)

While this sort of reading does not really help me in my understanding of Blessing, demoing does give me an insight to what this strategy is all about. In blessing, you can trade multiple pair but you need to divide the portion of your capital accordingly and insert it into the setting. IE say you plan to trade 2 pair and have a capital of 10k then in the property settings, you need to set NumberPortionSet = 2 and the allocation of your 10k is set accordingly.

The secondary money management that Blessing apply is that, you can set the float percentage, the default setting is 50%. I have tested it out at 10% and the trades does automatically stop you out once your float percentage hits 10% of your allocated capital… It’s pretty cool but I believe this needs some adjustments.

I have not dived into the limit gap between one level to the other… but that should take into account what sort of float level I think one should consider.

Now for Sniper… my initial post on Martingale Mania I, I did kind of describe in a way the working of Sniper. It uses iAC (Bill William’s Oscillator), iRVI (Relative Vigor Index), iStochastic (Stochastic), iWPR (Larry William percent range) and a custom indicator (Sniper.ex4) to enter and exit. It also allows you to see if you want to trade the reverse trend as mentioned in that post.

Sniper seem to have interesting codes like Blessing. I guess I need to study this a bit more.

Now comes Masyuk, I believe this EA was develop by either my country man or my neighbour from Indonesia I believe it to be from Indonesia because of the title of the EA.

The codes are very simple. It’s about 1/5th of the code of blessing. While that shouldn’t be the judge of whether this EA is any good or not just because of the coding size. It does however have a very interesting execution.

The name Masyuk if I understand correctly is Indonesia language for going in. And the codes does describe it correctly. It starts by going into a trade without any indication. The only indication is the time filter. If the time filter is true, it enters either to open buy or open sell.

The main part of this EA is that, it just manage your open float order and trades according to the stacking martingale system base on iSAR (Parabolic Stop) and iMA (Moving Average)

Anyway… I am currently testing both blessing and masyuk, with the same currency pair as Sniper but I believe I need to put more work on this and then reset this testing again side by side with all 3 EA together.

The above are bits and pieces of information I can gather about each Martingale EA. So let’s see where this journey will take me…. and will probably share more of my thoughts on each of this EA.

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