Martingale Mania III ~ Hedging

Filed Under (Passing Thoughts) by Casey on 18-08-2009


I believe I have left out something very important when it comes to using Martingale strategy… One needs to have a broker that allows hedging.

The idea of some martingale EA, is that if the trend goes the other way…. it should not stop the EA from making profits the other way. Increasing your account balance and subsequently reducing your drawdown.

I believe if I am not mistaken, at times, when the Martingale is stacked against you say if you have taken (buying) the first three level (1, 2, 4) and the trend seems to be moving the other way, some EA like Sniper would take (sell) the 4th level (8). And if the trend continues you will reach your take profit and exit that round with a net profit…

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