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I actually drafted the post ‘Gotcha!!!‘ after I had written ‘Squash Like An Ant‘. Too bad it is not April Fools… it would have been fun…

So far… all comments have been very encouraging… For that I thank you… but I was just kidding. And I apologies for that false impression.

However… I am more encourage by these comment from Sam Platt… (if that was his/her real name)

Here are his two comments:

You won’t be missed, asshole. Yeah, I’m talking about you, loser. You’re just a typical FOB who thinks he can be “cool” by peppering his sentences with curse words. You can’t write for shit and your diatribe is not interesting in the least. You are far too stupid to be involved in forex so you are making the right decision to quit. That’s the best decision you’e ever made, loser.

Hey asshole, it must make you feel like a bad ass when you swear and use “dirty” words, huh? Yeah, you’re a real tough guy. I don’t think so, geek! We both know what you really are – a weak-willed dweeb who couldn’t get laid by a hot chick if your worthless life depended on it. So continue on cursing and trying your best to act like somebody you’re not. We all know the truth. By the way, work on your writing. Because you’re an immigrant, there are tell-tale signs of poor grammar all over the place. Try writing on Word or another program and let the software find your horrendous grammatical errors for you before you “publish” them. Good luck, loser

Well… to be honest. These two comments are the one that encouraged me the most…  I don’t really give a $hit if he thinks I am a FOB (don’t really know what the fu(k that means but don’t really fu(king care)… This is my blog… so I can fu(king write however I fu(king want, so I don’t really give a fu(king $hit about it. I can fu(king diatribe however I fu(king want with peppering ‘cool’ words such is fu(k you or fu(k off…

I must thank you for teaching me the word diatribe… which actually means a bitter critical attack; thunderous verbal attack.

So Sam seems to think that I am somebody that I am not… so which only leaves me to either assume that … he knows me very well… or he is just an a$$hole himself trying to think he knows every $hit about me… or he is also trying to be someone he is not by posting saying something stupid like this… That is unless he knows me…

If my diatribe is not interesting… who gives a $hit! If I don’t give a shit about what I write, including my grammar and what other bull$hit I want to write… so.. also.. you.. not.. should.. give.. a.. fu(king $hit.. reading.. about.. blog.. my..

He thinks that I am an immigrant… so he assumes all Chinese people are immigrant… which makes him/her a fu(king racist. Or he thinks that if you can’t write for $hit with good grammar like how he wrote or commented so eloquently he does than you are a fu(king immigrant.

But after criticizing me, he sign off by saying ‘Good luck, loser’. Now this tells me something. Either all these criticism is a kick in the butt to let me smell the roses.. something like a reverse psychology thingy or he sign off as being a sarcastic a$$hole… to just rub it in…

Well… again. I am encourage… no not to prove that I will and am going to correct my diatribe grammatically error bull shit… But it shows that I am moving towards a right direction.

Successful forex traders can’t be successful without going the downside of trading and they do not give up just because some a$$hole says that one is a loser… I should not call him an a$$hole because the bright side of this is that he is like the coach or the drill sergeant that you fu(king hate but they are the one that gives you the low down dirty side of it and hope that you realize, pick yourself off the ground and continue on.

I was down a few months ago and I got my butt kicked by good pen pals… and I guess I need to get my ar$e kicked again a few times and thus continue to pick myself up and move on again.

Most of you are correct… There are still so many things to learn and master… to give up know is the mean defeat and people like Sam Platt would definitely see the opportunity to kick you when you are down… just to see if you have the strength to stand up again.

At times these type of actions are just plain fu(ked up… but at times it is needed.

So thank you very much drill sergeant Sam Platt… A much needed wake up call…

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