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How can I say good bye when I am not done yet with forex?

I was just kidding about leaving forex trading… while I will not deny that this thought has flash in front of me many times… I need to find a switch to turn this fu(king ‘I quit’ flashing… Well of course the only way to turn this flashing off is to succeed in forex trading no??

Firstly I know a lot of successful trader mentioned that they had to blow their account a few times before they finally found success. Well… I have not blown my account yet.

Secondly, I never blew my account. I knew Martingale was a dangerous strategy… I thought if I play nicely, knowing the risk and limiting the risk I could succeed where no one has succeed with Martingale…  However, a lot of people who tried Martingale said that it had blown their account to kingdom come.

But I still have my account in tact… with a bit of loose change. So I am not out yet… YOU HEAR ME FOREX!! I AM NOT OUT YET!!

Thirdly….. wait hold on a minute… if successful traders have blown their account before they became successful, and I have not achieve that, does that mean that I can not be successful?!

Hmmm…. now that is a thought?

But screw it!!! I don’t have to blow my account to know if I will be successful or not.

Forex trading is an art… an art which I need to master. I have not master it yet… but I will. Failure or giving up is not an option.

I have to move on….

Having said that… what I am actually going to do is just to turn off or rather stop trading for the time being… This was what I actually wanted to do in the first place before I got sucked in by Ms Martingale…

Ahhh…. such sweet memories… Megan Fox is hot no? I think I will spend the rest of this month watching Transformer 1 and 2… over and over and over and over….

Ok… let me take a break

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