This is just Silly

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I recently got information with regards to S26 and how they have issued a new update. I have already been restricted from the forum access and thought that my 1 month support have actually expired. So I was not able to gain access to download the new update.

So I casually wrote to the develop and ask if I will be able to get an update of S26… And this is what he replied…


What the fu(k?!

The two title articles were from me, but he got the link from another site… what ever it was, he was not too happy with my thoughts on forex barometer…

So the terms of sales was violated… I was trying to find and reread the terms of sale again but I could not get it… if anyone of you still have access to the forum, please forward or cut and paste or take a screenshot of the terms of sales… I want to know which terms of sales that I have violated..  I also wrote to him and am awaiting his reply…

Until he replies, or until I get a glimpse of the terms of sales… I will reserve my comments of upset and anger at this point in time…

Martingale Mania VI ~ Capital Outlay

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While I continued my back testing on a few more currency pair, I was planning my next course of action to this Martingale strategy. Since I believe I got the currency pair covered… ok… more or less got the currency pair covered, I also needed to address the main issue to continue with this strategy forward.

Capital outlay with the big C

Looking back at the nature of the risk I am willing to take with this strategy… for each currency pair, I need to have at least $10k… risking around 3,500 every time… would equal to 35% of my capital. This would of course be reduced every time I successfully accumulate my profits and grow my capital and continuous maintained my lot size to be at 0.01.

Thus… this is where I am stuck!

I do not have $10k with me at the moment. So what am I going to do? $hit!

However having said that… there is always a way around it. If I were to change $10k into 10k cent… it would make sense to trade 10k sense… going on a 0.01.

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Martingale Mania V ~ Currency Pair

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Following the concept of I pondered upon in my Martingale Mania I, I set out to look for the best currency pair. Since Best Forex Sniper uses a cascading/grid order limit of about 30 pips between each grid level. I had to find a currency pair that is not so volatile… IE does not move 330 pips in one shot without retracting back 30 pips to take profit….

So I went about to look for these currency pairs which were not volatile and put it to the tests… How else do we test? Well… by backtesting it of course. I must say backtesting Martingale EA is pretty long and tedious. It practically took 12 hours just to back test one currency pair between Jan 2009 till Aug 2009!!

Man… I had to learn the long way… Not only did I busted 12 hours of my time testing one currency pair… I wasted another 6 hours because I put the wrong settings… Sighhh….. Oh by the way… these backtesting were done on on Best Sniper Forex EA… So the criteria set out by me and the 330 pips movement were base on the parameters from this EA…

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Royal Flush

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Have been taking some time out and read up more about forex trading…

Well… it the pursuit of mastering the art of trading… Thought this article would be interesting to share Ten Lessons I Have Learned About Trading From Poker

Some of it would probably apply to automatic trading… well.. I can relate to the one where it mentioned to stop trading and take a breather after getting oneself into a losing streak… :)

Martingale Mania IV ~ The EAs

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There are basically 3 martingale strategy that are somewhat similar but different in application. As it has it, people have been saying that is clone of Blessing EA which is a free EA.

As I dive deeper into these EA, I discover another EA which was apparently build on Blessing EA too named Masyuk EA.

Blessing EA ~ Forex TSD Forum

Best Forex Sniper ~

Masyuk EA ~ FXOpen Forum

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Martingale Mania III ~ Hedging

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I believe I have left out something very important when it comes to using Martingale strategy… One needs to have a broker that allows hedging.

The idea of some martingale EA, is that if the trend goes the other way…. it should not stop the EA from making profits the other way. Increasing your account balance and subsequently reducing your drawdown.

I believe if I am not mistaken, at times, when the Martingale is stacked against you say if you have taken (buying) the first three level (1, 2, 4) and the trend seems to be moving the other way, some EA like Sniper would take (sell) the 4th level (8). And if the trend continues you will reach your take profit and exit that round with a net profit…

Martingale Mania II ~ Scalping?

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The more I start to think about Martingale Strategy the more I keep thinking that it is just like scalping strategy.

Huge stop losses and small profit take.

The only differences is that for martingale system take a longer time to kill you by keeping a float in hopes that one should start making enough profit to cover the float

While scalping is very instant and takes you out if you are wrong…. Ha! I guess that is why they call it scalping huh….

Martingale Mania I ~ The Beginning

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Well… since I have time on my hand because I have kinda stop trading… I thought I would put down my thoughts about Martingale. While I do mentioned a lot base on my experience with Best Forex Sniper, I believe this should apply to any Martingale system.

Since toying around with Martingale system, I always thought that Martingale was the name of the person who well… founded the Martingale system. But after doing some research… it seems that no one knows how did the name Martingale came about.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - JUNE 11: Actress Megan Fo...
Hot as ever…

Even in Wikipedia, there are two articles on Martingale which were relevant… Martingale (probability theory) and Martingale (betting strategy) never actually mentioned a person call Martingale who founded this Martingale theory.

I guess Martingale is left to our own imagination of who or what this word represent… :) For me… it’s Megan…

Anyway… for forex. The first time I encounter a Martingale system is with Forex Funnel. I never actually toyed around with it because I knew the danger of it. I was very afraid of how it will kill off once account balance.

It was until I got my hands on Cyborg did I started to venture into Martingale system for forex. Seeing how silly scalping can be at times… I thought maybe Martingale could work in forex… I wrote a piece a long time ago ‘Martingale Strategy‘ and still think that it would work because of price retracing back/ Fibonacci Retraction principles.
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I am Encouraged

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I actually drafted the post ‘Gotcha!!!‘ after I had written ‘Squash Like An Ant‘. Too bad it is not April Fools… it would have been fun…

So far… all comments have been very encouraging… For that I thank you… but I was just kidding. And I apologies for that false impression.

However… I am more encourage by these comment from Sam Platt… (if that was his/her real name)

Here are his two comments:

You won’t be missed, asshole. Yeah, I’m talking about you, loser. You’re just a typical FOB who thinks he can be “cool” by peppering his sentences with curse words. You can’t write for shit and your diatribe is not interesting in the least. You are far too stupid to be involved in forex so you are making the right decision to quit. That’s the best decision you’e ever made, loser.

Hey asshole, it must make you feel like a bad ass when you swear and use “dirty” words, huh? Yeah, you’re a real tough guy. I don’t think so, geek! We both know what you really are – a weak-willed dweeb who couldn’t get laid by a hot chick if your worthless life depended on it. So continue on cursing and trying your best to act like somebody you’re not. We all know the truth. By the way, work on your writing. Because you’re an immigrant, there are tell-tale signs of poor grammar all over the place. Try writing on Word or another program and let the software find your horrendous grammatical errors for you before you “publish” them. Good luck, loser

Well… to be honest. These two comments are the one that encouraged me the most…  I don’t really give a $hit if he thinks I am a FOB (don’t really know what the fu(k that means but don’t really fu(king care)… This is my blog… so I can fu(king write however I fu(king want, so I don’t really give a fu(king $hit about it. I can fu(king diatribe however I fu(king want with peppering ‘cool’ words such is fu(k you or fu(k off…

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How can I say good bye when I am not done yet with forex?

I was just kidding about leaving forex trading… while I will not deny that this thought has flash in front of me many times… I need to find a switch to turn this fu(king ‘I quit’ flashing… Well of course the only way to turn this flashing off is to succeed in forex trading no??

Firstly I know a lot of successful trader mentioned that they had to blow their account a few times before they finally found success. Well… I have not blown my account yet.

Secondly, I never blew my account. I knew Martingale was a dangerous strategy… I thought if I play nicely, knowing the risk and limiting the risk I could succeed where no one has succeed with Martingale…  However, a lot of people who tried Martingale said that it had blown their account to kingdom come.

But I still have my account in tact… with a bit of loose change. So I am not out yet… YOU HEAR ME FOREX!! I AM NOT OUT YET!!

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