Slap Me Silly Please…

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As if got slapped by Cyborg once was not good enough… I got another slap my Cyborg again on the next day…


I took it both ways… slapped on the way up and then slapped again on the way down…

Man it was really painful… And usually with this sort of pain I start to wonder again about the what if.. If my first trade was maintained… I would not have entered that fu(king second trade..

I re looked at the graph again today… if I had change my settings to take the forth degree… THIS WOULD EPISODE WOULD NOT HAVE BLOODY HAPPENED!!!

Sigh…. I am so sad… So sad that I was stumped and could not even think of any other thing to write about… It took me like 5 days to heal this heartbreak man… *Sniff sniff* and today I had to acknowledge this pain.

One good thing… at the time of this writing… I got back to the winning ways again with Cyborg. So let’s hope that I can recoup these losses by the end of the month.

Here is another reply to NameBlank on my comment section… While I did not increase my trade.. Cyborg actually reduce my trade by half…  I had put the setting Risk to 2.

So I guess this works out just fine. My second slap was not as painful as my first… but it was still a painful slap nevertheless…

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