Kaizen Kamikazi

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Fuuyoh!! I ar come across-o… vely intelesting video-o. George-san ask o… me to check out o… this wonderfur video-o. I ar taken aback 0… Vely vely wonderfur-o…  This EA  rike magic-o… Can change o … rock o to gord o…

Check it out-o…. At the time of writting-o, this EA is-o…. not for sare-o…

Ok… enough messing about with Japaness srang-o… The author is not exactly from Japan, only the title Kaizen Trader is. The develop is actually from Singapore. My neighbour… since it is not launch yet… what better way to help and support fellow neighbor then a post on my site…

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Finally Got Canned By Cyborg

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What I have dreading for this to happened finally happened…

I got fu(ked by Cyborg finally…


You see, Cyborg has the ability to set the level which it would stop taking position after a certain Martingale level. In my case, I only set it to only take the 3th level and nothing more… As you can see, the red lines were the level Cyborg took and the red dash line was my stop…

Sighh… so I was stopped out and that took out 10% of my balance which amounted to more or less $50 bucks…


I… being human, started to toy around with the ‘What if’ scenario… If you look at the blue dash lined… the top most blue line would be my fourth position taken on the 4th Martingale level (1.4009) and the take profit would be at 1.3990 (I believe) which would mean that I would come out alive this morning…

Sighhh…..But it is only all ‘what if’…

On the other hand… going by martingale rule… I would have quadruple my lost if the price does not come back down… which would mean 4 x $50 = $200!!! that’s 33% of my equity balance…

At least now my mind is slightly at easy. Still my mind is still twirling with all these emotions… Even in auto trader this psyco $hit can still happened. One really dangerous thought keep playing back and forth in my head. I wanted to take revenge on the market that did this to me… I wanted to do another quick w@nk!

But I have to stop myself from doing this… How? Well… by posting this on my blog… :)

Accountability to the world…


Good advice! If I do say so myself… :)

Mystical vs Awesome

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After posting Awesome Analyzer, I got an email from a visitor who gave me an another alternative to Easy-EA.com Trade Analyzer EA… which is free.

This is a free script by Patrick S. Nouvion, I must say this is a pretty cool site… Mistigri.com. Neat and simple.

This guy really put a lot of effort in producing the videos and detailing from A to Z about his tools. I would give him the thumbs up…

Anyway, I downloaded his trade analyzer and just to check out what it is all about. And it produce a very neat report… Read the rest of this entry »

NFA ~ New Ruling Might be Worrying

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Since the first release of new regulations by the NFA on US brokers, I was a bit tad worried about my account with both IBFX and FXDD.

NFANFA is or had released these three new regulations…

* No Hedging
* First In First Out (FIFO)
* Not Allowing Stop Loss or Limit Order

Of all the three rulings release, it is the third rule that really got me really worried. But before I jump the guns… I had to find out what is it all about and what are the implications it will have on me. So I scour the internet and found this site is so far the best informative information about these new rulings.

FXStreet ~ Facing the New NFA Regulation

The articles and comments posted are and I believe to be big whale professional traders. Trading million dollar accounts. I am just an amateur trader.. small time punter, automatically trading the market, toying around with robots, which trade on mini and micro account with small amount of capital..

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Awesome Analyzer!

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Wow… if there is a useful EA that one needs to have, then you got to have this man…

Call me ignorant… but I have not scout around the forum long enough to really look for an EA such as this.

Ok… it’s not an EA per say but it’s more like a tool.  After I publish my previous article “Rem”ing the Brake on Xtreme Turbo, Jeremy for Easy-EA.com (Winalot and EAzeGor) read it and though it would be great for me to have his Trade Analyzer.

You wouldn’t believe how grateful I was… This really neat piece of tool which actually help me to filter my trades as per my post below in a more comprehensive manner….

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“Rem”ing The Brake On Xtreme Turbo

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Since Alpari was my worst performances for three consecutive months. Corrective action needs to be taken… Now before I ran my band of Euro brothers, and Easy-EA.com’s EA… I had three main scalping EA on this account. Mainly, FAPTurbo, RemExpert and Xtreme (both EURGBP and EURCHF)

Because these are scalping EAs… there have taken quite a lot of trades amongst themselves and thus, it was kinda difficult to see how well they performed. So with no other option… I had get down on my knees and start to disect my statement and analyze throughly what and how these three EA are doing.

So… what I did was I downloaded my statement from beginning of April 09 till end of June 09 since it was these period that I took a $hit load of losses. It was not easy…. but after painstaking toying around with my spreadsheet and I manage to get this out…

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Perfomances As Of End June 09

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It’s the time of the month again where I review my month end performances. But this time round I think I need to really look into this much more deeper. As June closes, it means half of the year has gone. So how did I fair? After numerous thoughts, and action change and philosophical ideals, did my performances changed?

Let’s have a look…


Last month I came out slightly better… and it seems that I am slowly moving out of the rut from a month end total lost of $417 in April to -$65 in May and profit of $20.90 in June 09. Just to note… I have to deduct $100 because I added another $100 into my FXDD account to start trading Forex Barometer.

Overall my last half month was a failure. I have taken myself back $225 from my objective to recoup my initial capital. I am really hoping to break even by the end of this year, which is my target and goal for 2009.

And once that is done, my target is to recoup my initial investments on buying all these forex EA by mid 2010. Subsequently start profiting after mid 2010.

Bold? I don’t know… but at least it’s a goal.

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