Happy, Calm, Compose and Gaining Some

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 28-07-2009

I can’t remember where I heard this from but they say when emotions run high… IQ runs low.

After getting pissed off and ranting about blah blah… I had to take a break and calm myself down because getting pissed off and upset does not solve my situation. I needed to be happy and calm, so that I can be more compose and put more rational thoughts on to what my next action will be…

Well, it did work. And after spending some time relaxing watching some DVDs and also spending some quality time with my family. I was able to get myself more calm and compose.

Many encouragement has been received, and many thanks has to be express here for all those encouragements. These encouragement does help to continue my endeavor to whip the sorry ar$e of the forex market.

Well… the reason for my stress build up was because I have been spreading myself too thin… I have been testing, monitoring, reading, learning some programing, and relearning about forex. I have 4 broker to look at tinkering with so many EA, putting live with so many EA, analyzing so many results…

I have to admit, it’s just crazy… and it’s a way time bomb in me waiting to explode… Plus, getting whipped by the market did not help defused this pressure…

On top of that, I have been busy with my day job, and family and social life.

How does one make sense in all this? Well… this was the question that I pondered on during my rest and relax hour.

No… when it comes to the forex trading part… it does not make sense at all. Obviously i can not fault my by daily activities with my job, family and friends. So the only thing that I needed to look at is of course my automatic trading activities.

To run about 10 EAs on four brokers is just silly and stupid… I need to trade and monitor the number of EA within my means. I was so eagar to jump into the next profitable EA, that I lost track of my first EA. I was so eagar to jump into the next EA, just because one particular EA hit a stop loss.

Backtest after backtest with frustrating results, without direction, without a clue as to why the hell do we need to backtest these EA, without knowing what can be done with it… It’s just does not make sense.

If it does not make sense… Then I should STOP what I am doing, take a back seat, rest, relax and ponder my next action.

That is what I did… I stopped, took a backseat over the weekend and ponder my next action.

July came with a lot of optimism and July is coming to a close with a very a lot of pain…(on my balance that is)

So come August, I need to start again from scratch. Reset and reboot my automatic trading strategies and ideas. Listing down what needs to be done, have a clear plan and prioritize my time accordingly.

Forex masters says that… ‘One must have a trading plan, plan the trade and trade the plan’. ‘If not you shall parish to the darkside…. ‘

Ok… I added the last sentence…. but I believe that for automatic trading, it is not as simple as put an EA on the chart and let it run 27/7 on your VPS. I think one should still needs a trading plan. Too many unknown when one is trading a robot… so a plan needs to be put in place to counter all these unknown….

I still need to plan and I still need to trade the plan whether it is automatic or manual….

The art of trading and profiting from the market is not in the system alone, but it is how one uses these systems, strategies coupled with a good mindset to make all these elements work together in harmony with the market and pull profits from it.

I mention before… ‘You can not take the art out of trading by automatic trading. However, you can put the art of trading into automatic trading.’

Now, that is a skill I would like to master…

Are there any Forex Master out there who wants to make me as his/her forex padawan?

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