Stop! Before You Continue…

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This is the bomb ye’all… I have to thanks Kirk for leading me to this link…

Before anyone or everyone wants to start pursuing automatic trading… everyone should read this. Kirk lead me to read about this guys site Review Everything Forex owned by a Daniel Fernandez. I believe he is a veteran to all these automatic trading stuff seeing how he has started the site 2 years back…

reviewevforexI have not fully read his articles yet, but the first impression was that, he reviews EA or rather websites on his site without any fancy pancy blah blah like mine… his site is straight forward, clean and straight to the point.

This guys is going into my blog roll… a site worth looking at.

However… his site is not what I wanted to point to you guys… rather it is his ebook that he has written.

Automated Trading in the Forex market : A Trader’s Guide to Success

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Happy, Calm, Compose and Gaining Some

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I can’t remember where I heard this from but they say when emotions run high… IQ runs low.

After getting pissed off and ranting about blah blah… I had to take a break and calm myself down because getting pissed off and upset does not solve my situation. I needed to be happy and calm, so that I can be more compose and put more rational thoughts on to what my next action will be…

Well, it did work. And after spending some time relaxing watching some DVDs and also spending some quality time with my family. I was able to get myself more calm and compose.

Many encouragement has been received, and many thanks has to be express here for all those encouragements. These encouragement does help to continue my endeavor to whip the sorry ar$e of the forex market.

Well… the reason for my stress build up was because I have been spreading myself too thin… I have been testing, monitoring, reading, learning some programing, and relearning about forex. I have 4 broker to look at tinkering with so many EA, putting live with so many EA, analyzing so many results…

I have to admit, it’s just crazy… and it’s a way time bomb in me waiting to explode… Plus, getting whipped by the market did not help defused this pressure…

On top of that, I have been busy with my day job, and family and social life.

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Angry, Upset, Frustrated and Losing it!!

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So much negativity these past few days…

I am angry because I feel very confine and am continuing my struggle to find the best forex ea. Which I am beginning to feel that there isn’t any…

I am bloody upset because all my ideas does not seem to yield any good results. I am frustrated because by following my idea to reverse scalping EA, I am literally rewriting a new EA…I debug, rewrite, reprogram, redo, backtests, fu(k… never knew that programing is that tedious. Writing is simple, it is the debuging which is the one that mess this whole $hit up…

Well, one thing good that come out from this is that I manage to start learning MQ4…

And to put ICING on the cake… I am losing all my profits since early this year!! It took so long to build but it takes a few stop loss to fu(k it all up…. This is really shitty!!

What the fu(k is backtesting if backtesting past results does not translate to future results… or even claim to be 60% accurate…  This is the question that really bugs me… What the fu(k do we test results since 1999 of it fu(ks up on current and future trades…

I believe MT4 backtesting engine is very flawed… On one hand you have people trusting backtesting results on the other you have another group saying ‘fu(k backtesting’ the programmer work on the program to ensure that the program can fit the equity curve… It is base on current results… not future results…

fuckedupScrew this backtesting $hit!!

FU(K!! FU(K!! FU(K!! FU(K!!

I am pissed off… I feel like giving up forex all together… As soon as I get something settled, new BS EA like Forex Humanoid and IVYBot starts to come out… Each proclaiming to make big money!! This is again more plain BS…

Fu(k this $hit @rse marketing!! Bet you hundred % that they are not trading live… Bet you that they are paid actor… to act like that are really trading…. With so many BS on the internet… how the hell can anyone believe this shit?!

Show me your fu(king live results… not fu(king demo live results… your fu(king live money results… Put your money where you so call fu(king mouth is!!

Another fu(king $hit to share!! I have already gotten 5 feedback that FAPTurbo Evolution is so screwed up… backtesting wise and demo wise… While that needs to be verified… It’s still bad feedback of penpals whom I begin to call friends… What turn out to be great promise ended up really bad…it seems that is the case from my penpals.

Ok… they were only trading on demo… I still need to find out results from FPA and Donnaforex and also from Zeno… Hmmm…. notice that all their statment ended on the 11 July 2009 after FAPTurbo Evo was sold out…

Why no update? Why do you not display your results as of today?? Sorry Donna and sorry Zeno… I guess I should have written to you with all these questions before I crudely mess you up… I patiently scour their forums to find some truth in all this… hoping to find some glimer of light that what I am doing makes sense… which is looking for the best forex EA

Search their forums and you will not find any clear or distingtive results from Evolution… Please prove to me that I am wrong here….

If there any truth behind evolution?? I am going to let you all in on a secret… FAPTurbo Evolution offers 60% commission to affiliate!!! 60 bloody %!!

If I knew it earlier… I would have put it up for you guys to test it out!! I can easily rebate you all the whole 60 bloody %… While means affilate marketers are earning a cool $359.40 out of the fu(king $599 retail price!

Well, at least this woman is pleasant to look at...

Well, at least this women is pleasant to look at...

Is that fu(ked up or what?!?!

FU(K!! FU(K!! FU(K!! FU(K!!

Sighh…. I think I will need to take a break. A break from all this negativity… I will stop all my trading come end of this week and then start consolidating my ideas and approach…

Who knows… I may give this up… who knows…

The only solace I can find is from one of my penpal… ‘Hope that all these hard work will pay off’… Yes… I can only hope… Thank John…

As of today… unfinished business that I have is that I have one interview lined up… 3 broker wanted me to work with them and another EA developer wants me to test out his EA…

Yes… I have delayed these activities simply because my primary objective is profiting from my forex trading… not from my blogging site… That comes secondary…

Blink and You Might Miss It

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blinkHas anyone read this book, ‘blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell? It’s a great book. I just finished it.

It has nothing to do with trading. However, it has a lot to do with snap judgement and gives a more and deeper understanding on how our mind work in terms of making snap judgement or unconsious decision.

I don’t know about you. But somehow or rather, it makes me understand why veteran traders would outlast new traders.

They say trading is an art. This art is the ability to make decisions in the market under sheer stress and pressure. With so much noise and information like charts, news, trend lines, volume indicator, fan indicator, dog indicator, cat indicator, glaring at you on the screen, how one profits from the market is how one makes a decision to go in and out of to the market without second thoughts.

Well, there are a lot of thoughts that I have and points that I can associate this book with trading, but I shall leave you with one particular thought of mine.

You can not take the art out of trading by automatic trading. However, you can put the art of trading into automatic trading.

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No Trading During NEWS HourM

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I have been thinking about news trading for quite sometime now…While this rule is not something new in the forex trading realm, I believe it should also be adhere too by robot or automatic traders.

On my previous posts on Slap Me Silly Please… John123x mentioned not to trade during high impact news. This is not exactly new advice, but neither was it an old advice.

I have been thinking about not trading the news for quite sometime now before my bit(h slapping by Cyborg.

My thoughts on this only after after the day I got whacked on S26 with volatility… The EA developer told me not to trade the EA during CHF news hour especially when SNB release this news…


As you can see, this particular spike up and down on the 18 June 2009 was when SNB release their news


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With my thoughts still on reverse scalping, I was thinking why can’t Martingale be used to ‘hedge’ a draw up?

I mean if for example, an EA like Don Steinitz who does not have a stop loss and take small profits but keep the rest of the trades floating at a loss or drawdown…

Why not create an EA in such a way that, it takes small losses and not put an take profit level so that one can accumulate a draw up rather than a draw down?

At times, I think that is what NFA’s new regulation might sound like, if an EA were to be created in that manner …. don’t you think??

Maybe… just maybe…

Simply Shocking

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shocker01I had previously did some testing on this EA, but never got around to write something about it…

Well I guess today would be a good day to do just that. Forex Shocker has already been around for sometime. Some people say it is a good EA some people say it is not.

Looking at it’s website it is not a shocker (pun intended) that it is a scalping EA…

Here we go again… another scalper. I thought to myself… Ok…. this could be fun. Why? Because if it does not work in the original mode… then I could probably reverse it…. :)

Either way now… I have options.

Anyway, let’s get back to the issue at hand. Let’s have a look at the backtesting results and see how well this EA will shock the forex world… Read the rest of this entry »

Reverse Scalping

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Arghh… it has been a difficult week. Volatility in the market is really messing my robots up. I do not think it is only Cyborg, NN Master, Boomerang, Blaster…. any EA that trades EURUSD would probably have gotten canned as well…   $hit! This is taking me back 2 months from my objective.

I thought I made some stride last month… Sighh….. Slapped silly by the market…

Anyway… sorry for ranting. I just had too… This is really killing me to no end. But that is not the reason for this posts.

Last night as I was browsing through the forums just to see what was happening. I stumble upon this thread with regards to the topic ‘Why do Traders Lose?

I was losing badly in the markets and I wanted to find out if I was doing anything wrong… I was seeking solace, and started reading this thread with interests. Here is what I wanted to highlight….

“Let your profits run and cut your losses short”

“The first loss is always the smallest”

“Plan your trade and trade your plan”

“Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered”

“The trend is your friend”

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Slap Me Silly Please…

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As if got slapped by Cyborg once was not good enough… I got another slap my Cyborg again on the next day…


I took it both ways… slapped on the way up and then slapped again on the way down…

Man it was really painful… And usually with this sort of pain I start to wonder again about the what if.. If my first trade was maintained… I would not have entered that fu(king second trade..

I re looked at the graph again today… if I had change my settings to take the forth degree… THIS WOULD EPISODE WOULD NOT HAVE BLOODY HAPPENED!!!

Sigh…. I am so sad… So sad that I was stumped and could not even think of any other thing to write about… It took me like 5 days to heal this heartbreak man… *Sniff sniff* and today I had to acknowledge this pain.

One good thing… at the time of this writing… I got back to the winning ways again with Cyborg. So let’s hope that I can recoup these losses by the end of the month.

Here is another reply to NameBlank on my comment section… While I did not increase my trade.. Cyborg actually reduce my trade by half…  I had put the setting Risk to 2.

So I guess this works out just fine. My second slap was not as painful as my first… but it was still a painful slap nevertheless…

NFA ~ Please Let Me Put a Stop…

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Man… if that title ever not sound right this would be it… Just two days ago, I wrote about how NFA new regulation is worrying. I got my worries confirmed.

But this piece of news came from here. However… confirmed that the no stop loss and limit order will not be affected if you are using their own trading platform FOREXTrader, which means that this no stop order and limit order regulation will effect MT4 platform traders…

While means automatic traders on MT4 is literally fu(ked… with a big capital F followed by you.

Funny though… they say the regulations does not all stop loss and limit order to be placed but yet they say they are complying to the regulations…. Does that makes sense to you?

But I am more concern about FXDD and IBFX then…

This is what FXDD have to say on their press release

NFA Regulations

New York, (July 07, 2009)

By now you are probably well aware that NFA has made a new rule that prohibits US Forex Dealer Members from carrying customer accounts with opposing positions in the same account past the end of the trading day (“no –hedging”). The rule also requires all positions to be closed in historical order, otherwise known as ‘first in first out’ (FIFO). There has been wide speculation among user groups what these changes may bring, how they are going to affect the Metatrader platform, how automated trading scripts are going to be affected (Expert Advisors) and what retail trading is going to look like in the future.

The ‘No-Hedging’ rule has been in effect for over a month now and as many of you can attest most of the statements of “doom and gloom” have been highly exaggerated. The FIFO rule implementation has been extended once already and there is continuous talks amongst all companies, platform vendors (software companies), and NFA as to what will be permitted and how things should be working out. In the midst of these changes some dealers have decided to use the rule changes as a selling point for their offshore service centers. They try to amplify the uncertainty and to play on the customers’ fears. It is unclear if they are well equipped to maintain a properly operating MT4 platform in these jurisdictions. Most of them have very little history of operating one. It is certain though that it would be costly and inconvenient to close everything and move an account to an untested firm.

In the wake of all this speculation we at FXDD would like to assure you once again that we will do our best to make sure you can continue trading without having to worry about how things may change for you. We are working with the platform vendors, carefully examining all possible options, and working diligently with NFA on the progress of our membership. Our advice is not to make hasty assumptions based on the loose talk from people who spread rumors. If we are to make any further changes to our platforms we will make sure you are informed well in advance and you are given all possible options to consider. We will also try and keep you updated on a regular basis to let you know what our plans are.

I continue to wait and see….