Win a Lottery!!

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I guess I strike it rich this time!! Just after a few days after Fedora FX requested my assistance to review their EA. I got another requests.

EGO Boost My… my… am I that popular?

Let me pump up my ego a bit here and savior this new found fame…

Hah… I can continue to keep dreaming. Once is a fluke, the second time is a coincidences. Maybe when I get request day in day out can I proclaim that I am popular… Now that’s a thought.

But I must say, I did not start this blog for it to become a review site. I started this blog because I WANT TO MAKE MONEY FROM FOREX! Hmmm that did not sound right.. I think I started this blog to share my experiences with trading forex EA and of course the journey which I encounter in forex trading.

Sighh… but my performances does not seem to reflect that. I guess I stand a better chance at winning a lottery than trading forex. But I must persist…. move forward…

Oh… sorry… I think I have missed the point of this post.  Anyway… I am again honored that someone had requested me to test and write a review on their EA…

If you haven’t figured out from my title, then it’s… WINALOT and EAezGor from

Easy EA, Winalot, EAezGor

While one thing about this email is that, it was very business-sy like. Unlike FedoraFX where Tom was being slightly informal in his approach.

This email strike me as ‘No offense, but it’s just business’ sort of arrangement. Very formal and I guess I am not very used to it. In all my email correspondent they usually leave their name.

While I wasn’t as enthusiastic as Fedora approach, probably because the second time is not the same as the first time when one first pop your cherry…  I just can not past this opportunity…

How do you say no when one offers you a sort of free EA to you? How do you huh? How do you say No to this?

Well… maybe you can but I can’t… So of course I say YES…

I just replied to them while saviouring the hour when I get my hands of their EA…. Muahahaha…..

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