Operation Blitzkrieg ~ Ready to Go

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It has been two weeks already since I started my training to assault EURUSD (Euro Blitzkrieg). And I must say… they seem ready.

Initial I have short listed about 7 mercenaries

  1. Forex Boomerang
  2. EuroBlaster
  3. Forex Transformer
  4. Pipzu
  5. Crusher
  6. Cyborg
  7. Forex Espionage

Out of all these 7 only 4 made it and was chosen. Forex Espionage was pretty obvious, it was a copy of Transformer. Bloody poser… So I would opted for transformer, since that EA was more credible… Cyborg, well… that EA was on martingale, and I don’t want a loose cannon on my team and Crusher only perform well on 4 digits account and fu(ked up some trades.

So it came down to only the top four. Now let’s see how they perform over the past two weeks no? (Click on graph to view full statement)

Impressive no?

Out of all the four EA, Forex Boomerang was the one that did the most work, second came EuroBlaster, third came Transformer while four came Pipzu.

Kind of unexpected… I would have assume that Pipzu would take the lead base on the backtesting result done initially. But whatever it was, these band of brothers seems to be doing really well.

EuroBlaster just got an upgrade to V2. So I hope to see more action from EuroBlaster. While I am still skeptical about Pipzu… I must wait until some conclusion can be made.

Since Boomerang has been impressive, I initially wanted to see if only Boomerang will perform as well LIVE. But I believe these sort of results is a combination of all four. I think if it was left alone, these sort of curve would not produced.

So what I did was put all four live on my Alpari account. Of course trading at only 0.01 lot… while at the same time continue with my demo testing. Just to see if both DEMO and LIVE results would be more or less the same. Maybe see if I can recruit any other EA to this mission.

We shall see….

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