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Have you ever wondered about most of this BS scam that has been going around since early this year? Yes… I wondered about it most of the time. With the new EA that came out… theforexwonder.com. It makes me wonder even more.

It has the same smell as a piece of $hit that has just been sitting there.

But this post is not ALL about this new EA. You might say this post is old news but so far it has not been compile in a more clearer way. So now I am going to compile one very big shabang on these fu(kers… It is so sad that it originates from somewhere close to home.

Here are the the posts when I first started discovering this bullshit…

While I have to admit, someone has already raise a red flag or pointed me to the information on my blog but I did not really put focus on this issue until I got another email from Zeno of 4xproject.com about this new EA… theforexwonder.com

I think it is about time to relive this BS and smoke it to kingdom come.

Ok… let’s start.

Now… with regards to this POST here… I only started to discover how all of this were tied in to a server hosting heoluaca.com about how ‘Your dissatisfaction is our satisfaction’ Very arrongant.. but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

So I did a reverse IP look up and found this…
HL Direct Marketing

All these sites Forex Fantasy, Forex Maestro, Semi Auto Forex all comes from the same source.

If that is not ever a confirmation… then check out your email from terminator, forex dominion, forex miricle… etc etc. When a new EA is launch like Forex Fantasy, Semi Auto Engine, Magic Machine and the latest one Forex Wonder…these so-called EA authors would blast your mail box with this advertising…

And if you scroll to the bottom of the email address… you will discover that they are coming from the same source

So who is HL Direct anyway? I got the lead from this site here BFKINGPIN clickbank account and it’s dealings and Semi Auto Forex Scam. Which lead me to their website HLDirectMarketing.com.

With that I did a whois check… and what do you know.

This fu(kers know how to really hide all the other domain but they never thought of hiding their whois main site… I quickly took a screen shot before they start getting smarter…

Having a look at their website

They so arrogantly and LOUDLY proclaim

LET US BE CLEAR: We don’t accept any clients.
Because no-one can afford us. And because we can’t stand
working for anybody except ourselves.

And YES — we’re that good… and that good-looking

Since they do not accept any clients. It means that all these guys Stephen Lee (forex dominion), Henry Neuman (forex terminator) and all the other guys are actually fictional. These guys just shoot their balls, they can no longer use the excuse that they are marketing for their clients now can they… because they just LOVE THEMSELVES so much that they only work for themselves

They are good… good con artist that is. $hit… this statement alone will blow their ego up more. So probably I should say they are good scammers. They can take something for free and turn it into a product to sell it to unsuspected customers. They can design nice and hyped up looking websites… (theforexwonder.com smells the same doesn’t it?) to induce you to buy their product.

Good looking? Previously when I visited their site, they were so full of themselves that they posted their photos. But I guess they realize their mistake and took it down. How I wish I did a screen shot of it before they took it down and show you how good looking they are… Like a monkey’s ar$e…

Now if you listen to the audio… it is pretty funny. I don’t really know who they hired to read the script but this is how the script goes

1984 9 years after the Vietnam war, a child was born,
beautiful smart little boy, only one flaw,
he studied so bad he could barely speak,
ridicule, humiliated and tortured,
everyday in his life a struggled, but he never gave up, (Can I cry here?)
and he became an inspiration to the entire nation, a legend, (Are they taking about superman?)
every area he enters he cleans up, take no prisoners,and bombs the competition in to oblivion,
but then in 2002, at the height of his career, (Con ar$e career that is)
he made a bold move that shock the entire world, (Hmmm… I never come across it on CNN)
he went underground, vanish, back to his drawing board,
no one has heard of him ever since,
only rumors but now he is back, bolder, badder because something big has just began,
it’s call the comeback of limp.. chu wong (Limp who?? I couldn’t really catch this part)

So is he from Vietnam as his per his who.is? Luckily this guy here took a snapshot before they change the name to HL Direct: Jason Quang Nguyen Dang. Gawd Dang! You give your Vietnam comrade a bad name..

Ok… I have manage to establish quite a bit on them… and how all this are tied into their recent escapade. Forex Maestro, Fantasy, Semi Auto Forex…

I can’t however tie THEforexwonder.com to them. They realize that someone was on to them and they start to use different hosting service provider. I believe they started doing that with THEForexMagicMachine.com. They as usual hide their Who.is very well…

But the site again smells like them, looks like them… and could be them. All I need is evidences to prove that IT IS them.

One things that clearly smells like them is that, they use this trade mark with the word ‘THE’ in front of their own product. One of the only time they did not use it on forex EA was on the semi auto forex. They tried a different approach on that one… including using a different payment system.

I am not going to go ahead to prove that forex wonder is a rip off of another Free EA on the internet. 4XProject has establish that. This are the two backtesting results from Forex Wonder and another free EA Pseudocarcharias v102. Just do a search on Pseudocarcharias Forex…

No this time round I don’t want to show side by side MQ4 well firstly because I don’t have both the source code. What I want is the big fish… the pu$$y pig and the fu(king ar$e…

I want to tie in this new forex wonder to HL Direct Marketing.

If that is done… then I can screw them to kingdom come on my next post.

Now the only way I can tie in either by way of autoresponder or by way of receipt from Clickbank received by a buyer.

This will now be a shout out to everyone who is reading this. If you have an email from theforexwonder@gmail.com (one thing consistent with all of them is that they use a gmail account) check the bottom of the email. If you have the same address as the one I posted. Please take a screen shot as above and hide your email address.

Or if you have a receipt from Clickbank when you bought the product..


Please take a screen shot and email it to me.

Yes… I did buy stuff from them. That is how I got my receipt with their name large and wide.

I want to really tie these suckers to this new product… They can change their DNS or IP address. But this is one thing that they can not hide… If not how do you think they are going to get their money from Clickbank?

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