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Having backtested Fedora FX… I thought it would be a good idea to send back my result to Tom first and allow him to comment on it first before I write my ‘low down dirty Shane’ about it.

Tom has given me two EA, one of it is for GBPUSD which the performances is being advertising on his site while the other EA was for USDCAD. So I started with GBPUSD, while backtesting result for GBPUSD was excellent from 2008 to May 2009..

(Click on graph to view statement)

Fedora FX

Much needs to be said for USDCAD…

Fedora FX

So discarding USDCAD… I push the backtesting results for GBPUSD to 1999… And I was pretty sad with the results

Fedora FX

With my disappointing face… I wrote to Tom and ask him to comment about it…

Below is is reply which he commented

Fedora FX

Tom uses Fibonacci, within his EA… and so far he is the first person in the commercial EA world to use it… correct if I am wrong please. And he mentioned that the data may not be past through the right way… So it needs to be done month by month… I guess one of the reason why he posted his backtesting statement month by month…

How true is this… I am not sure… While I think it would be interesting to do month by month backtesting result. I am just to lazy… :) I know I know… one can’t be lazy… but but but… I see what I can do.

Anyway, you can check his mt4stats live results here… http://fedorafx.mt4stats.com/

Tom is also involve with IBFX contest, you can find his nickname ‘FedoraFX’ on the top 100 (results changes everyday since open positions are being taken into the gain calculation to create ranking) So which means there is an amount of credibility to his EA. Like so many EA out there… this is the only way to make you name into the EA world. Enter a contest and see how well you fair.

Fedora FX

One thought… if it’s really good. You can be sure that this EA will be in the sharing zone soon. And people will copy it… :)

Anyway, martingale strategy somehow or rather appeal to me… Appeal to me so much that I would take a quick wank over it… :) Must be my gambling days with roulette systems.

Like Cyborg EA… Backtesting results was $hit but forward testing was great! (So far that is) I have yet to see a dip which I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does not happened.

So should I give this the benefit of the backtesting doubt and also dump it into my live account? Now since my IBFX seems to be a martingale account. It would be interesting to use Fedora FX on my IBFX account too…

But here comes the problem… IBFX complies to the NFA hedging ruling. So I have create another account with IBFX in order for me to trade Fedora FX especially on GBPUSD since Cyborg EA also trades that currency pair.

So while I am in the midst of sorting that out and also get my EA encoded to my IBFX account… I leave it to each to it’s own to see if this EA would prove interesting for you to try out.

Oh… as my promise to the author. You will not be able to find this EA in my library.

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