Fed Ex Came to Call

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It was very nice of a lot of people asking me what happened to me, when I was out of action since Tuesday… after my last post… I think a lot of them think that I splurge out post after post within a day or two without missing a beat…

So many thanks for your concern… I have been a busy bee I tell you… Well… not only was I busy thinking… but also busy planning… You see, after the discovery of Forex Transformer, Espionage, Conqueror… (which took me a few days to compose by the way) I had to reorganize my operation Euro Blitzkrieg…which I hope to write on my next post after this one…

Anyway, on top of reorganizing… I had to pull myself off the celling… I got a surprise email from FedX… :)
Fedora FX

Ok… well not Fed x but it was from Fedora FX … I was so honored and felt so privileged that my ego and pride just inflated. You should have seen me.. I was smiling from ear to ear… I had to take numerous breath to help me keep my composure before I replied to him.

Yes… I was pretty honored that someone would thought that I would be of great value to him to test out his EA… Well… how could I say no… when I can get an EA for FREE!!

money Muahahaha….. that’s what happens when you become famous… You get freebies!! Hmmm… actually that is how celebrities get to have all those cool stuff for free…

Ok.. I know I know… I am getting a head of myself…. I am no celeb… JUST A WANNABE… Sell my soul to the devil and commercialize my site and Ka-Ching!!! Muahaha….

Down boy!! Down boy!!

Anyway… back to my point. Well… I am currently backtesting this EA… It looks good but there are some questions I need to ask the author before I post my initial backtesting results…

But let me give to you an initial though about this EA… Again I don’t really know if it’s a coincidences or not. When I wrote the post about Martingale strategy… And the use of Fibonacci retraction as a good way to ‘double up’ your bet on retraction… I never thought that this idea would have already been conceptualize.

Fedora EX … does not exhibit this Martingale strategy when you see it’s latest backtesting results on his site… but when I did some backtesting on it and apparently it does shows that Martingale strategy is incorporated into his EA…When I check his old backtesting results… it does show that Martingale strategy was indeed being used.

I am still in the midst of doing everything from my forex trading to my review to my organizing of EA all at once… So I will leave this here for now. I hope in the next post on Fedora FX I am able to get more detail backtesting results from this EA….

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