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I am just putting up a quick post…

I must say… Forex Barometer has been an interesting journey so far. I have encounter quite a number of EA but nothing so far has come close to this EA. It is by far my most stressful and complicated EA. Ok… maybe complicated is not the right word… but stressful yes.

relaxingIt was not only Barometer, but also of course my other EA which I have to constantly be on top of it. So stress out was I, that I took the Friday and weekend off not thinking about Forex at all. Just chilling out with my family and do some house work and gardening…

(How I wish this is what I am doing everyday like in this picture… but I am still kinda far away from this dream… oh such a wonderful dream)

Well… at least now I manage to get Forex Barometer under control now on my FXDD account. So far it has been performing well. But I still need to get more support from the developer because the EA is trading at 0.1 lot on my $200 account which in my opinion is too risky. If I want to make this EA last longer on my account to ensure consistency. I have got to get this under control.

Oh… by the way, if you are not aware. FXDD has already change their standard lot for a mini account from 0.1 to 0.01. I manage to get FXDD to change it last week. One of the reason why I set Forex Barometer on my FXDD account. Small account therefore small lot size.

Anyway, there are two EA running on this account. One is the latest by FB, System 26 or S26 for short, while the other is a pretty old EA called Neural Network Master or NNMaster for short.

Both of these EA was quite a job to learn, understand and install but once you get your hand of it, like everything difficult initially, it becomes much more easier. Just sitting back and relax and of course monitoring it.

For S26, once you set it up properly and the Optimization files are loaded and executed properly. It’s an easy drive from then on. I am now sitting back and relaxing and of course monitoring the trades.

Last week there was a CHF spike… pretty shitty if you asked me. It took out two of my stops. That was when I was still sorting out the auto optimizing issue, which caused my MT4 platform to crash. I had to manually optimize it AND it was pretty stressful. Trying to get the right settings in before I shit on my pants again should another spike like this happens…

But because of my problem with the 0.1 lot settings… just today… S26 which traded at 0.1 lot manage to cover my last weeks losses. Now that is not my gambling side to do that. It’s the program and I can only sort that out when the developer checks the forum and answer my issue.

Having said that, I am kind of taking a gamble by trading at 0.1 lot currently. But at least my auto optimization is now up and running. So let’s see if this auto optimizing thing don’t fu(k up my account. *fingers crossed*

Hmmmm…. I seem to be crossing my fingersĀ  a lot these days…. oh well… such is the life of forex trading no? Hope the market don’t mess you up. But like Murphy’s Law says… ‘What can go wrong, will go wrong’. If you believe these… then… I guess that’s too bad… and one should not trade forex… hehe :)

Anyway… I still need to work out this NNM EA… so far I am $6 down on 4 trades @ 0.01 lots. Not what it seems as per their site.. but it is still too early to tell. I kinda have a feeling that this is a long term EA, since it is trading on a 1 hr chart. Still need to put some work on it though to see if my settings are correct.

Well… not exactly a quick post but….

So many things to do… so little time…. :(

Oh… if anyone wants to follow my performances with Forex Barometer… You can check out my MT4Stats here.


Opps… that reminds me. I need to update my ‘Live Account’ page…

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