Enter the Dragon

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DragonPipsYes… that is what I did with my FXOpen broker account. I went into the Dojo and tired to whip some pips ar$e with the Dragon. But… unfortunately, the outcome was not as exciting as the movie by Bruce Lee…

Well, two weeks ago, I stumble upon this statement on the forum. http://save2009.mt4live.com/ I was pretty impress by how he manage to turn his misfortune firstly via Enterra and then midway… changed it to DragonPips…

This guy confirmed that he was using his FXOpen account. So what else… like a monkey, I followed… :) And yes… I used it live. How can’t I not put this live? My FXOpen is a micro account. All I am earning are cents, surely the time spent on demo testing it on this broker would not justify the cents I could or could not be earning….

Ok… ok… for the sake of this blog. of my live account..  The least I could do is to backtest it. So now I shall produce my backtesting results… :)

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A Quicky Post on Forex Barometer

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I am just putting up a quick post…

I must say… Forex Barometer has been an interesting journey so far. I have encounter quite a number of EA but nothing so far has come close to this EA. It is by far my most stressful and complicated EA. Ok… maybe complicated is not the right word… but stressful yes.

relaxingIt was not only Barometer, but also of course my other EA which I have to constantly be on top of it. So stress out was I, that I took the Friday and weekend off not thinking about Forex at all. Just chilling out with my family and do some house work and gardening…

(How I wish this is what I am doing everyday like in this picture… but I am still kinda far away from this dream… oh such a wonderful dream)

Well… at least now I manage to get Forex Barometer under control now on my FXDD account. So far it has been performing well. But I still need to get more support from the developer because the EA is trading at 0.1 lot on my $200 account which in my opinion is too risky. If I want to make this EA last longer on my account to ensure consistency. I have got to get this under control.

Oh… by the way, if you are not aware. FXDD has already change their standard lot for a mini account from 0.1 to 0.01. I manage to get FXDD to change it last week. One of the reason why I set Forex Barometer on my FXDD account. Small account therefore small lot size.

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Forex Barometer

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Before I begin this posts… I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all those who has supported this site. By way of either donation or supporting/buying the original EA via my affiliate link… If it wasn’t for these kind gestures, I would have been able to write this post…


I bought into Forex Barometer two weeks ago with the donation and funds that I have gotten via my affiliate link… While it does not cover the whole cost, it does help. So many thanks to your contribution which made this post possible.

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Operation Blitzkrieg ~ Ready to Go

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It has been two weeks already since I started my training to assault EURUSD (Euro Blitzkrieg). And I must say… they seem ready.

Initial I have short listed about 7 mercenaries

  1. Forex Boomerang
  2. EuroBlaster
  3. Forex Transformer
  4. Pipzu
  5. Crusher
  6. Cyborg
  7. Forex Espionage

Out of all these 7 only 4 made it and was chosen. Forex Espionage was pretty obvious, it was a copy of Transformer. Bloody poser… So I would opted for transformer, since that EA was more credible… Cyborg, well… that EA was on martingale, and I don’t want a loose cannon on my team and Crusher only perform well on 4 digits account and fu(ked up some trades.

So it came down to only the top four. Now let’s see how they perform over the past two weeks no? (Click on graph to view full statement)

Impressive no?

Out of all the four EA, Forex Boomerang was the one that did the most work, second came EuroBlaster, third came Transformer while four came Pipzu.

Kind of unexpected… I would have assume that Pipzu would take the lead base on the backtesting result done initially. But whatever it was, these band of brothers seems to be doing really well.

EuroBlaster just got an upgrade to V2. So I hope to see more action from EuroBlaster. While I am still skeptical about Pipzu… I must wait until some conclusion can be made.

Since Boomerang has been impressive, I initially wanted to see if only Boomerang will perform as well LIVE. But I believe these sort of results is a combination of all four. I think if it was left alone, these sort of curve would not produced.

So what I did was put all four live on my Alpari account. Of course trading at only 0.01 lot… while at the same time continue with my demo testing. Just to see if both DEMO and LIVE results would be more or less the same. Maybe see if I can recruit any other EA to this mission.

We shall see….

Winalot And EAezGor

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it… Win a lot and EA ezGor on the loose!!

Ok… lousy opening… but one just try to make it interesting no??

Anyway… finally… after days of testing and re testing I got some results out… Some EA can be really difficult to backtest you know. Some are pretty easy. Don’t know if it’s the coding or not… but Winalot and especially EAezGor took like forever to complete some backtest…

I wanted to stretch the backtest from 1999 but somehow or rather… my MT4 crashed….  I think this is because I was backtesting on my laptop and not on my PC. Yeah I know these sort of backtesting exercise should be done on the PC rather than a laptop but because I am constantly on the go, I work on a laptop more rather than a desktop. If it was a desktop while it is good, I have to run back and forth to test it and check if it’s done or not. blah blah blah…

Enough about my problems…

Let’s get down to some juicy part of this post shall we?

As usual I would run back testing since 2008… for both these two EA and below are the results (Click on graph to view statement)


For EAezGor… I did only 2009 because it took so long … (Warning: the backtesting results file is pretty big for only 2009 results)


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Have You Ever Wondered?

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Have you ever wondered about most of this BS scam that has been going around since early this year? Yes… I wondered about it most of the time. With the new EA that came out… theforexwonder.com. It makes me wonder even more.

It has the same smell as a piece of $hit that has just been sitting there.

But this post is not ALL about this new EA. You might say this post is old news but so far it has not been compile in a more clearer way. So now I am going to compile one very big shabang on these fu(kers… It is so sad that it originates from somewhere close to home.

Here are the the posts when I first started discovering this bullshit…

While I have to admit, someone has already raise a red flag or pointed me to the information on my blog but I did not really put focus on this issue until I got another email from Zeno of 4xproject.com about this new EA… theforexwonder.com

I think it is about time to relive this BS and smoke it to kingdom come.

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Win a Lottery!!

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I guess I strike it rich this time!! Just after a few days after Fedora FX requested my assistance to review their EA. I got another requests.

EGO Boost My… my… am I that popular?

Let me pump up my ego a bit here and savior this new found fame…

Hah… I can continue to keep dreaming. Once is a fluke, the second time is a coincidences. Maybe when I get request day in day out can I proclaim that I am popular… Now that’s a thought.

But I must say, I did not start this blog for it to become a review site. I started this blog because I WANT TO MAKE MONEY FROM FOREX! Hmmm that did not sound right.. I think I started this blog to share my experiences with trading forex EA and of course the journey which I encounter in forex trading.

Sighh… but my performances does not seem to reflect that. I guess I stand a better chance at winning a lottery than trading forex. But I must persist…. move forward…

Oh… sorry… I think I have missed the point of this post.  Anyway… I am again honored that someone had requested me to test and write a review on their EA…

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Fedora FX

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Having backtested Fedora FX… I thought it would be a good idea to send back my result to Tom first and allow him to comment on it first before I write my ‘low down dirty Shane’ about it.

Tom has given me two EA, one of it is for GBPUSD which the performances is being advertising on his site while the other EA was for USDCAD. So I started with GBPUSD, while backtesting result for GBPUSD was excellent from 2008 to May 2009..

(Click on graph to view statement)

Fedora FX

Much needs to be said for USDCAD…

Fedora FX

So discarding USDCAD… I push the backtesting results for GBPUSD to 1999… And I was pretty sad with the results

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A Quick Wank is a NO-NO!

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It’s confession time. At times I like to have a quick wank at forex. It is becoming too often and very scary and I believe I need to see a doctor about it…

You see… last thurday I thought I could get away with a quick shot on profit with Cyborg EA. I mean… hey I seem to be getting quite a good winning streak on my IBFX account with Cyborg. So… why not…

Devil The uttering of these two word ‘Why Not’ drew the devil inside of me. On top of that my chinese blood in me just had to scream ‘Punt! Punt! Punt! Punt!’

Gawd dang!! I am just sooooo weak…

I said to myself JUST one or two punt for that day. My luck could not be that bad right? I mean looking at how well Cyborg has been performing

So there I was… ok… maybe it wasn’t me. But somehow something happened and I move my risk level to 5% from my current 1% of my trading balance with Cyborg… ON ALL THREE CURRENCY PAIR!!

As the day have it… two trades were triggered at 0.56 lots on a $600 account balance going on a Martingale strategy on the first degree going up to 4.72 to the fourth degree!!

Who says this is not crazy risk, please raise up your hand?

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Fed Ex Came to Call

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It was very nice of a lot of people asking me what happened to me, when I was out of action since Tuesday… after my last post… I think a lot of them think that I splurge out post after post within a day or two without missing a beat…

So many thanks for your concern… I have been a busy bee I tell you… Well… not only was I busy thinking… but also busy planning… You see, after the discovery of Forex Transformer, Espionage, Conqueror… (which took me a few days to compose by the way) I had to reorganize my operation Euro Blitzkrieg…which I hope to write on my next post after this one…

Anyway, on top of reorganizing… I had to pull myself off the celling… I got a surprise email from FedX… :)
Fedora FX

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