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When I started out this blog, I wrote that Forex EA would be a breeding ground for scammers. And I think I hit the nail with it. But on the other hand anything that has to do with internet is a breeding round for scammers… All you need to do is find the opportunity and exploit it to the max!

When you are good people will copy you… when I say copy I mean literally.

As time goes by, I seem to believe more and more that FAPTurbo is in it’s pure sense original. Why? Is it because it is popular or is it because FAPTurbo is indeed a profitable product.

If it was, then people would sure copy it. If it is not then… screw it. Let’s move on to the next EA.

What’s my point? Well… my point is, FAPTurbo is profitable. We just need to use it properly. It is profitable because people are actually coping it.

After stumbling upon REMExpert. I stumble upon this site. Ok.. I did not actually stumble upon this site. A visitor as usual ask me to decompile an EA. So I decompile it, saw the link and voila….

This is what I found….

EA BOSS is the name and the site is www.ea-boss.com

Nice looking website… Interesting testimonial…

And another thing that straight away interest me is this… Hmmm… very similar currency pair.

Dum de dum…. look at the codes… what do you know. It’s an exact replica or FAPTurbo

Need I say more?? Oh yeah… and it cost $699 a piece!!!

Gawd dang!! They are really cashing in on unsuspected sheeps… Beware….

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