Isn’t it Ironic

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I’m just so stressed, stressed, stressed.

Juggling between my day time job, family, forex trading, lossing money, winning money, update my site, replying to emails… Sigghhh…..

It’s a real pain at times at times when not everything are in sync.

Ok… I was just ranting up there. Now to my post. Oh before that, I was drafting a post but when I received this email I thought maybe this would be more interesting.

After FPA contacted me and release a news press on it’s forum

EA BOSS team contacted them and ask them to remove the posts. And will supply the open codes to them. So what FPA did was copied me and FAPTurbo abuse team and ask them to include us both into the discussion.

I was like “What?!?! Me and FAPTurbo abuse team?!?!”

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Very Sorry

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I am taking down my library page for the time being. Maybe a week or so. So very sorry if you are unable to access that page.

Recent events have made me thought about the things I am doing and would like to change the way I approach things. I will post an update with regards to this change soon.

Gone VPS

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Up…¬† up… and away!!!

Don’t know why but I am excited about going VPS with my forex robot trading. Makes me feel that I am really running a business here.

It’s like setting up a virtual office and moving out from my home desktop to set up shop somewhere. Renovating the place or rather setting up all the MT4 platform on my new shop. And then setting out my robots to mine the forex field.

So…. WELCOME to MY VPS…. :)

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This Made My Day

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This is what I mostly do everyday… when possible that is. I would turn on my laptop, log in to my desktop to check my forex performance, make some notes and then check my email.

And I was surprise when I open up my email this morning. It was from FPA ( ) with regards to my article on EA BOSS. Apparently my article was referred to by a nice person call Kev… (Thank¬† you Kev)

Anyway… this was what Bill(Assistant Moderator) and this is what he wrote

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When You Thought…

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When I started out this blog, I wrote that Forex EA would be a breeding ground for scammers. And I think I hit the nail with it. But on the other hand anything that has to do with internet is a breeding round for scammers… All you need to do is find the opportunity and exploit it to the max!

When you are good people will copy you… when I say copy I mean literally.

As time goes by, I seem to believe more and more that FAPTurbo is in it’s pure sense original. Why? Is it because it is popular or is it because FAPTurbo is indeed a profitable product.

If it was, then people would sure copy it. If it is not then… screw it. Let’s move on to the next EA.

What’s my point? Well… my point is, FAPTurbo is profitable. We just need to use it properly. It is profitable because people are actually coping it.

After stumbling upon REMExpert. I stumble upon this site. Ok.. I did not actually stumble upon this site. A visitor as usual ask me to decompile an EA. So I decompile it, saw the link and voila….

This is what I found….

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Going VPS…

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Previously I decided against subscribing to VPS because I calculated that my profits were not enough to cover the monthly cost. That was the justification I gave. But now after doing more analysis on all my MT4 platform. I decided that it is time to go VPS.

Here is one of the reason why

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Cyborg EA

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I believe it is time to pay due respect to this EA…

Cyborg EA… what can I say. This is a new EA which has been very profitable for me. I have never given it enough hype eventhough I do mention it on my performance update… Come to think of it I have never tag this EA or have I?


Anyway… this is an excellent EA. This is one of the EA which was forwarded to me… bless his soul. It is license… so I did my usual decomp magic and start using it.

And to date… or as of this writing… this is the result

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It’s a Kind of Magic

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As usual… here is another bullshit piece.

The Forex Magic Machine ( I written previously about this… actually nope… I wrote other articles produce by what I believe to be the same people who brough you EA like Forex Fantasy, Forex Maestro, Semi Automatic… and now… another exotic EA came courtesy of

I previously wanted to do a write up when again all the Stupid Old EA seller started blasting my inbox with this new up and coming EA. Because I had my hand full with my own problems, I decided not to give it a whack at it…

But now since it’s release a few days ago… I was not surprise when someone forward to me this forum thread…

And another very kind visitor forward to me his copy of Magic Machine. And with his blessing he said I could share it with you all.

Anyway… that’s not my point…. My point is to dig deeper. I said before I ‘believe’ this to be a work of the same guy…
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Decompiler’s Accuracy

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Decompiler… Is it the greatest way to get your EA free by decompiling it and then change the settings in order to be free from license requirement?

Well, I just found out that the answer is both yes and no. Yes, in a way that you can change the codes to take out the license requirement.

And no it’s because of the EA that is being decompiled is not the full 100% version of the original EA that it was build on.

Let me explain. I got an email from a visitor and he asked me if the decompiler will be able to decompile an ex4 to it’s original version which includes the original variable name. I told him I do not know. I just decompile, read the codes and find out how it makes sense and then just adjust it accordingly.

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Organizing My Demo

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I started a new page title Demo Account and changed my Performance page title to Live Account.

This I hope would keep me more organize and more focus on testing some new and exotic EAs. Last month if it was ever a lesson learned is to keep things easy, focus and consistent. I am not sure if this will achieve it, but one things for sure. I can monitor it and keep myself accountable for all testing records that I put on my blog.

This I hope also will keep me from being too impulsive and start putting onto my Live account without clear reason to do so. Just because one EA starts to show good profit for a week does not mean that it should be straight away profitable when it is live.

Another thing is also to ensure the settings I am using on the demo will also be consistent when I put it live. Tweak only on demo and once I am satisfied, I will confirm the settings.

Pheww… I think I got everything settled for the time month.Well, except for FXOpen. I am still trying to confirm what EA I should put it in to test.

When I open an account with FXOpen, it was meant to reflect Alpari UK because of the fix spread. Just wanted to see if FXOpen can produce a better result. But…. unfortunately, I had to be dumb enough to opt for a standard account instead of a micro account which put a wrench into my plans for FXOpen this month.

So I shall take it easy with FXOpen… Sort out one thing at a time.

Again… hoping this will pan out well this month.