How to Get Lost

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Do you want to know how to get lost? Well…. I’ll tell you how.

Visit forums on the internet…

That was what happened to me yesterday. I was browsing forums after forums after forums reading thread after thread after thread. Until I knew it… I already lose 2 hours. Man did I get lost there. So many things in forums, some are good read and some are well… plainly put it crap. Some topic goes miles and miles long and at the end of the day…. the topic goes sideways. That is how you kill a topic thread.

Anyway… one very interesting forum site which I lose myself in was . A guy asked me visit it so I did. While I do not read arabic, technology or rather google made it possible…. :)

That site has a very great bunch of good guys. From the translation, it is all about ‘Peace be with you’ in all sense of brotherhood kind of way. I mean they are Muslim and some extremist portray them to be bane to humankind. These sort of Muslim shows great love. I tell you…. you can actually spend hours there just loving the way they greet each other.

So… I was threading around the threads and it was pretty interesting. One thing I note, they share a lot of things… including EA. But one really need to scour the site to look for it. They don’t really BOLD it out like EABRAND FREE DOWNLAOD….

Ok… it is in arabic. I’m sure those EA owners will not catch them unless they BOLD it out in English. So… I just scourer around looking for some exotic EA. I already have most of the EA that they were sharing… Could only find one or two… one of it was a russian EA. Had no time to really look at it yet obviously… I was happily reading thread and put it on my KIV folder. And the other is Profit Hunter EA. I came across it before but never really put my hands in it… well because it was not exactly a popular topic but when you visit the site …. man did the backtesting graph caught my eyes….

Hmm…. it’s worth investigating. I have been meaning to find another EA that trade GBPUSD ….

Now this is the bomb of a forum which I stumble upon…. EA Galore…. Forums Investasi Indonesia . Now this is a site everyone dreams off. There are some veteran forumers I have seen on some of the other clean forums… So safe to say… this site is heaven EA Galore for those who wants to get their hands on freebies and also tips and experiences on a specific EA.

I haven’t really dive into that yet… only browse through a few threads…  so this is as much as an initial conclusion that I can make out of this forum.

Because so much has taken out from me in that I had to pull myself away from this forum before I become a zombie in the wee hours of the morning.

So if you want to get lost…. Go visit these forums… Enjoy and peace be with you all….. :)

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