Backtest Dilemma Part Deux

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I got a shelling from one of my penpals yesterday… well not one but two of them.

One called me stupid while the other called me lazy…. Good thing about communicating via messenger is I could easily change the subject…. :)

I have to admit but they were spot on, it was wrong of me to not do any backtesting, I shouldn’t have run away from that subject with them. Because it was kind of true…. I was stupid to allow other people to dictate my opinion about an EA or even more stupid enough to think that doing demo test for 1 to 2 weeks was enough and lazy because I got into a few problems with historical data and loads of EA to tests.

Few weeks ago… I did do backtesting… but I stopped… well because I had a lot of things to do, and a lot of EA to test. It’s really tedious and I have to wait for a long time before I put the EA live but it needs to be done. Those are excuses of a stupid lazy bugger…

If I want to succeed in forex whether manual or automatic… I need to be smarter, work harder and most importantly be patient. I have none of them what so ever…. No wonder I failed miserably in manual trading… will this be the same for automatic trading?

I hope not… gawd damnit!! So now I have to get myself back on track…

I need to backtest first. Period.

I wrote before my guideline on how I would proceed when choosing an EA, which was backtesting first, demo test second and thirdly live tests.

I cut short some exercise. Take AlfaForex for example. I did not do any backtesting… I demo tested it for 1 week and I straight away put it live straight away. As expected… I got fu(ked after putting it live… Sighh… I was hoping that my timing would have been better.

To be honest, I also did lose focus… My blogs intention was to share, but in the midst of it all, it somehow got popular. So much so, I was more focus on my blog then my main objective of profiting with EA.

I am fortunate, lucky, with such coincidences that I attract good penpals over the internet to kick me in the butt to stay my course.

tails between my leg So with my tail between my leg… I have to start back from square one and this time I have to stick my butt into it.

Now comes my problem. I have been trying to download historical datas from all my broker but somehow the 1M datas are limited to know 23 of March 2009. It was strange. I scour the forums to see if anyone has the problem… nada.

I also did a google search and also nothing came up. I even redo what everyone adviced with regards to downloading historical data on MT4… Tools>Option>Charts>Max bar in history set to 99999999 then download via history center.

Gawd damnit… I did all that but history still ends at 23 March 2009 for 1M timeframe.

So I wrote to customer support and this was their reply….

Thank you for your email.
The historical data service is currently unavailable until further notice.
The history center in mt4 platform is provided by MetaQuotes.

Gawd damn it!! What am I going to do now?!?!

Sighh….. I need to be patient. I was hoping to do some backtesting on a few EA and then put it on demo for next month. But… as they say $hit happens.

I remember reading one article about having patience in trading, ‘If there is nothing to do, then do nothing’.

Maybe go watch rerun episodes of House….
House Rerun

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