Backtest Dilemma No More – Final Cut

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What can I say… some encouragement always goes a long way.

Twiddling Thumb So there I was twiddling my thumbs thinking what I should do, the itching feeling that this historical data download BS is really getting to me.

‘I will not relent!!’ I said to myself. And getting some encouragement from people (bless their heart) can really gets ones mojo going. I start to see things that I would have easily dismissed as ‘not the solution’.

I went back to my Alpari platform again and going things step by step and observe if I had missed anything…

I started from scratch…. uninstalled Alpari MT4… deleted all the folders and then reinstalled MT4 again. Once the platform launched, I do the usual; set  Tools > Options > Charts > Max bar in history to 999999999999. Then I proceed to history center and I double click on the currency pair to load the initial data.

And this is what I noticed


The initial download had 2048 number of data… So I proceed to the next step and click download.

Dum dee dum… waited a while… sip my tea… doodle some stuff on my piece of paper and then done… Downloaded…

But I was again left with the frustration of only getting data right up to 23 March 2009.


Previously all the data would be displayed. Then I noticed something… I took a look at the top of the window… Bamb!! There you have it… I actually download all the data. It’s just that it does not display on the main window. I think it’s has to do with the new Build…


But anyhuuu….. I was uncertain so I went to the folder again and notice that I have actually downloaded history right back to 1999.


I was excited!! But yet I wanted to be sure. So I did a strategy test on Cyborg EA… I set the date from 1999.01.01 to 2001.01.01 and started this sucker….


Well what do you know… it fu(king worked!!! I manage to test Cyborg EA from 1999 to end 2000…


Gawd dang!!! You don’t know how elated I was… My excitement was kicking in big time!! The flame of glory was blazing!! The… The… The… Ok, can’t think of anything to describe this excitement… but you know what I mean.

Anyway… I had a renewed sense of purpose and hope once again. This time, I am not going to get sucked in by my weak and lazy self. It’s the end of the month and I have fu(k my account balance for the last time…

Suffice to say… Cyborg suck during that period testing….Oh well… now I will do an in depth study on Cyborg…



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