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It’s time to post something about this EA. I have not only demo tested this EA but have also put it live. So it’s worth to write something about it.

Gawd dang!! This is one good EA!!

I think I shall let these images do the talking… and me adding some comments here and there…

Now this image is a demo test on Alpari. I initially tested USDCAD and BLOODY HELL!!! Don’t you think this should go live?!? Well, my thoughts exactly… this went live of course..

On the EA properties, it does recommend another currency pair EURCAD but the site does not seem to advertise this currency pair to trade…ย  So I had to demo test it first, again this is from my Alpari demo account. Interesting so far no?? Let’s just see how it performs this week, and I’ll probably put this currency pair on live next week on my Alpari.

Not, being satisfied by trading this EA sucker solely on Alpari alone, I had to try it out of FXOpen… this time on both currency pair USDCAD and EURCAD. Whatelse can I say….

So far this week… this is how AlfaForex perform on my live account… (The top isย  a manage account while the bottom is my personal account) Now both these Alpari account is sitting on my VPS and something just doesn’t click here…

Today, there were some trades taken on my manage account but not only personal account…. huh?!? Don’t really know why. I checked the expert and journal on my MT4, but nothing shows. No alert, no indication that Alfaforex was trying to make a trade…. Funny…

Oh well… AlfaForex rocks so far for me… *fingers cross* but somehow I really don’t want to shoot myself in the foot here. Funny how sometimes when one start to talk good about certain things, that particular thing would somehow breakdown, or give you some $hit… Something to do with Murphy’s Law or some funny law someone thought about in their free time….

We shall see….

Oh… an another thing… this EA is selling for $725!!!

I really don’t know if it’s worth it… but this EA has already flooded on the freebies zone. Now the EA author has been promoting his EA vigorously on forums. Giving away a promotional offer….

Alfa Forex EA – The Best Fully Automated Forex Trading Software (

Expert Advisor Specification:
* Type: scalper
* Trading Pair: USDCAD
* Time Frame: M5
* Automated Risk Scaling
* High Spread Protection System
* High Trading Activity (10-20 trades weekly)
* Extremely Profitable (over 80% Profit trades)
* Automatic, 100% Hands Free
* No Experience Needed. Easy To Set Up
* Removes All Stress And Emotion From Trading

(The Full Report is available at:

Special promotion for the first 50 new customers
Enter Promotion Code and get Extra Bonus!

Promotion code: 5RBP1V3bS

With these promotional offer, you get it at $199.00. As I mentioned he seems to be promoting it on quite a number of forums and platform…. You can check it out and see….

But some plonker has already got it on the ebay market in Germany…. and it’s selling for USD49.99. Don’t know if it’s the same guy… cause this guy is a powerseller man….

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