A Deal Strucked

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Call it coincidences or whatever it maybe. Over the past few days has been pretty interesting. EA Boss, FAPTurbo and FPA. I must admit it was pretty interesting.

But my focus is still the bottom line in my live account . Wanted to post this but I was busy trying to get my demo running and my live account ready for this week. Added one or two new EA on my account… Now it is rock and roll time!!!

Anyway…. back to my main story. FAPTurbo contacted me a few days ago… We exchange an email or two…. And we agreed on somethings.

While I still doubt as to who are the guys behind FAPTurbo, I again will state that I do not doubt the product. I am currently using it and still using it. While it is not perfect these past month… I believe it would continue to make money. As long as I keep to the 2% rule, I should be alright.

Anyway, I propose a thing or two with them and they agreed. I in turn have to take down the open source code of FAPTurbo from my site.

I also told them the truth about me knowing how to crack their ID KEY. They did not bother. I would take that as they are alright with it. As long as I don’t distribute this ID KEY keygen.

So the deal was strucked between us… Funny huh how this goes… but who cares….

Anyway… This is what I will be doing. On my library, I will offer a demo version of FAPT36/37 or FAPT44/45Pro (Sorry no FAPT47). I will also provide a KEYGEN for only DEMO ACCOUNT so you can test it for yourself and see. No doubt I mentioned that there would be differences between demo and live account or between brokers, but that still shouldn’t stop you from demoing an EA before putting it live.

So if one likes it… then one buys it. If not, even if one likes it, I am sure you will be resourceful enough to own it free. Know what I am saying…. :)

Ok… while I maybe an ar$e at times to other EA owners, I can be nice. Part of trying to go straight here.

So…. I manage to negotiate this with them. If you think that the product is good, then buy the original. If you buy it via the affiliate link… I will give to you one free license to one live account. Ermmm…. Ok scrap that…. I’ll probably give you more if you asked nicely.

Obviously this deal will continue as long as the ID KEY remains valid. They haven’t change the algorithm on their new version FAPTurbo47, I have tested it. So this is still valid until FAPTurbo changes it.

I guess the internet is a free market… You can either go for the original or go for the free copy. The choose is always yours to make.

For those who already gotten the ID KEY for their live account before this all came about… well then, they were the lucky few…. :)

Anyhuuu….. this was the conclusion of our email exchange.

This is the top portion of FAPTurbo giving me their blessing… As for the rest, I would leave it out as a private conversation between me and FAPTurbo.

On the side note, I did not take down my library site because of this. I had to rearrange the way I distribute the download. The wordpress plug in is not at all that user friendly but it serves the purpose. Thus, I have to change a few things. So don’t worry. It will be back up soon. Oh along the way… I have to comply with what I have agreed with FAPTurbo. So the FAPTurbo will taken out and the Demo version will be up instead.

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