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Ok… I know I don’t want to beat a dead horse but this is just funny and I thought it would a great to share this.

Previously I wrote about the how some forex EA commercially being sold were plain bullshit. Trying to make a quick buck, even though their EA may or may not be that good.

Anyway… don’t know it was a coincidences or not, but FXDD have somehow automatically approved a manage account for me WHICH I have never applied for one. So I though what the hell it was and started my way to learning something new about this thing call manage account…

So bam!! There it was…

Initially I said to myself… this guys face was so familiar….

Then bam again…

It hit me! I went to Forex Fantasy website and what do you know…

It’s Micheal Norman!!

Either this guy or picture is a fake… Or there is actually a guy in FXDD that is making some side income selling Forex EA. But I doubt that it is the later. Why? Because in his manual, he does not promote or recommend any broker.

Not like most EA sellers they would affiliate themselves with a broker and then promote these brokers… but not this Micheal….

If he was with FXDD I am sure he will would help promote FXDD…. but then again… he could be from FXDD and can’t affiliate himself with the company he works at… that is if that is really him.

Maybe out of fun I should ask FXDD support if there is a Micheal Norman working there…. :) Maybe…

Well, I have not heard from the community about this EA but there are some people who says that this forex EA is relatively good and profitable. I have to find out soon because as usual I got my hands on a copy of it…

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