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I previously posted Dumb Way to Reverse , which was about REMExpert which was how it was a reversed engineered EA of FAPTurbo…

I like to take back the word Dumb from that title….

Well, a fellow internet friend brough to my attention that it is a really good EA. It’s expensive but good. He said that it could be even better than FAPTurbo.

I was like stunned! Better!!! Wow!!

So… he was kind enough to forward to me a copy. Decompiled and…. and… erm tested it…

I must say… I was pretty impressed.

You see, FAPTurbo does not actually take trades from GBPCHF because of the high spread but REMExpert do.. On top of that, it trades an additional pair USDCHF with good results… I manage to only test GBPCHF nad USDCHF last Thursday… It was interesting. 4 trades all wins even when the spread was high!

I still have not testing it long enough on the other common FAPTurbo pair of EURCHF, USDCAD and especially the famous pair these days EURGBP. But I have to admit… It was not a dumb reverse engineered. It was actually an improvement taking into account that they were using FAPT codes.

So to really say that it is a total improvement to FAPTurbo… I will test it out again this whole week. I want to see if the behaviour is the same. I am running both FAP36 alongside RemExpert… on EURGBP since this the most interesting and hot pair these days.

Still $750 a pop!! That’s crazy money… Even if it was an improvement… It’s either FAPT increases it’s price or RemExpert have to reduce it’s price…

Hmm… maybe John can report this to his boss and then make FAPT improve on their codes.. So you can get the best of FAPT and REMExpert in one at the price of $147?… Now that would be great isn’t?

Or one can just get it for…..

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