An Itchy Feeling…

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This is an itch that I just got to scratch… I wanted to stop all this BS after my last post and concentrate on the main reason why I set up this blog… I want to find the best EA and start profiting from it. Bad week this is and had to take some evasive action on my account if not it would be in deep sh!t again… I mean in terms of my equity balance that is…

But after browsing a few forums, it just confirm my cynicism about all this most of the EA you see on the market.

I mention before there was something not right about Forex Maestro and Forex Fantasy… now comes this new EA on the market… has confirmed that Forex Maestro is a SCAM . Firebird is the key to all of this… I believe Firebird is an EA worth checking out in more detail. It is performing very well… and best of all IT IS FREE!!!

And this a$$hole wanted to rip it off, rebrand it and try to profit from it by selling to other people when you can actually get FOR FREE. And he may have gotten away… But that is not the itch I want to scratch…

Anyway there is this new ea that is in the market……

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Finally Decompiled Revision 1

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Sometime ago.. I written an article ‘Finally Decompiled’ which was interpreted as a ‘how to crack’ article. It was deemed to be revealing to much and subsequently the articles was reported and my suspended my account for about 2 hours. When I found out about it, I manage to call support and they guide me through their guideline of what can and what can’t be used.

Again… my writing wasn’t articulated well and my english… well it could be better. And probably I was a bit tad arrongant… I mean I felt that I was the first one to discover the way to unlock the ID KEY to the best forex EA (from my point of view) without reversing the codes too much.

So below will be the edited version of my previous article. This is being edited for clarity purpose and to only show how I open up a ‘toy’ to see what is inside. And to show and explain the flaw the exist in this ‘toy’ . I will try to write my article in a way that it will not cross the border of ‘how to crack’ or anything to do with ‘hacking’

Fortunately for me, the word ‘decompile’ is allowed by my webhosting company… 😛

So here goes…. Let see if this edited version will get my account suspended again…

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A Big Fu(k You!!

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Yes John… you have won the this battle…

I’ll admit and will yield to you… The post has been deleted. Yes, I did not know the rule of engagement then. My points were there but how I articulate it was lousy. Lesson learned.

Now I know… The post will be edited… and will be reposted soon with the blessing from my webhost.

Tell your employer you have force me to reveal my ACE…. Obviously it won’t be here… and probably you might not care. Because you have made your money… So let us make ours.


Internet is amazing…. you never stop learning.

My Sincerest Apologies

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I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to Russia and Eastern Europe visitors. I notice that there are Russian and Eastern Europe visitors to my site. AND also to my fellow countrymen…

I may have a bit rude on my previous post Knew This Would Happen.. I did not really mean to generalize them. John had some Russian name. So that just spark it all…

These few days of BS really made me lose sight of what my intentions were for this site… Searching for the best forex EA. Test it and prove it live.

But I guess all this BS comes with this journey. When you search around or get active in a forum, you are and will certainly be pulled into this. Whether it is free version of EA, cracks, legit, it is still in the name of searching for the best robot and would help produce profits to your forex account. Hey! Everyone loves profits…

And all these BS comes together with it…

There are still many EA around. Some maybe reversed engineered some maybe original don’t know don’t care… Actually I do care… If one is going to push a BS EA over the internet and sell it expensively just to make a quick buck without any value added… Think again… Piracy will continue to exist as long as these a$$holes are around.

Anyway… this may not be the last BS I will encounter but I do hope it will be the last time I generalize things.

This Is Not My Work…

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John… are you there?? Just so you know… this is not my work… Someone pointed this out to me this morning…

Yes, someone has uploaded the files… I downloaded it and verified that it is my files. How I know? Because in the source code, I inserted a comment on how I cracked the License mode.

Hmmm… I wonder why this person did not upload ver37?? Oh… the ver37.exe file is not mine so becareful… it’s an exe file so it might be contaminated… Becareful what you donwload from the internet…

He Came Back…

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Well… it was nice of John to come back to my site to check up on me. He also wanted me to delete this post. Finally Decompiled

I re-read the post again and I was thinking… how the hell can this post be construed as piracy?!

  1. What I did was gave YOU indirect advertisement.
  2. Reconfirm how incapable MT4 as a platform at protecting intellectual property when it comes to EA.
  3. Showed to everyone how easy was it that I cracked your code.

Cracking codes is like taking a toy apart to see what is inside. How the hell is that piracy?!

Unless you can tell me how and in what way my post has infringe on piracy law that post is staying up.

Do yourself a favor… ASK your employer to get fapturbo more secure. Do what EA Shark does. While their source code is in the open… The EA can’t just simple can’t work. I have tried to crack it and find the crack but it still can’t be found.

Wait… do you want to have a look at how EA Shark do it so well?? EA Shark has already came out with Ultimate Build 5 and people just recently got their hands on Build 4. So you want to have a look at their codes? You want me to give you the link?

No I don’t think so… Ask your employer not to use such old ways of key activation… Since Roulette Killer. Since Forex Killer… Since FAP…. With the money that your employer has made, don’t tell me he does not want to spend money to develop a better EA…But I think he is developing another site or so I heard from another someone who just posted a comment on my site…

I don’t have bloody programming background and I still can crack your code. What does that say??

Eh brother…. if you really want to stop piracy start with your comrade… This is where I browse for interesting EA….

From the way you write your email. I don’t think you are too concern how you represent your EMPLOYER… That is if you are really the Anti Piracy Manager for FAPTurbo.

Here is an interesting article which might help you and your employer… Piracy and Unconventional Wisdom

Knew This Would Happen..

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Well… after publishing a lot of shit and revelatory things or information about FAPTurbo… This would be expected… but never expected it to be this fast… Waiting for 24 hours? Well you don’t have to wait John… This is my reply…

I knew that if I were to start uploading stuff to the internet which can be directly connected to me, I would try to cover my tracks or hide my whois information.

But as I mentioned before. They or anyone else for the matter can find who I am. I do not have anything to hide… Ok… like the drama series ‘House’ Gregory House says… ‘Everyone lies’ so yes… While I do not much to hide I do hide somethings… Just wanted to make this clear… Don’t want to be called a hypocrite or an a$$hole…

The above mail was easily taken from the whois information. I could have opt for domain privacy… but I did not… I manage to build a very very very small presences on the internet and by doing what I am doing I can easily jeopardize it by doing this sort of thing with FULL TRANSPARENCY… Good or stupid it’s everyone and anyone opinion.

What makes me curious is that, if you John were to be the anti piracy manager of fapturbo. Then why use your gmail account to write to me. Is it because you are not?

Even if you are… you threaten me with ‘troubles with law (or other troubles)’. Should I be scared. This sort of email does not seem to be written by an antipiracy manager who knows no tack in his writing. Maybe because he is from Russia or Eastern Europe. Where kings or all kings of piracy exist. Even Malaysia fail in comparison. And Malaysia is known to be the number 1 piracy of all DVD.

I have received emails from US lawyers before on other matters namely domains that I owned. And their emails were much better written because it was written with tack and mostly without threats, I compiled. Threats like this makes me wonder if FAPTurbo was a legit business, it would use legit ways.

So if John is really really from FAPTurbo, you have just given your employees a very bad name.

Many people has asked me to share the ID KEY with them… And I told with the internet, I had to hold on to this first and foremost… BTW… John never mentioned about distribution of ID KEY…. He of all people would know that this codes have already been on the internet long before I ever decompiled it…

I just wanted to be sure what was on the internet is the same as the ones I uploaded. Just information with regards to ‘information about decompiled too’

You know… internet is big and wide. And it’s true anything can happen. Just look at all this bullshit on the internet, you can get away with conning people with inferior products or reverse engineer ones product and sell it as ones owned. Anything, Nigeria scam or phishing is still around even after so many sites about this scam is posted all over the internet.

Ok… ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN ON THE INTERNET. And give avenues to work both ways… 😉

So yes… I will comply… I will take the link down… I still have 12 hours from the time stamp on the email. So it is still 12 hours for FREE DOWNLOADS…

As for the ID KEY…. Hmmmm…. If John is not from FAPTurbo… this could be a way to push me to distribute the ID KEY over the internet….. So that everyone can take the piece of this FAPTurbo….

But whatever it is… I’ll comply to taking down the links…. Best of luck John…

Hmmm…. I am thinking about making this DOWNLOAD page private… Yeah… that’s what I will do… So sorry guys you will need to subscribe…

I got 12 hours to sort this out… Stay tune…

Performance as of End March 08

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Phew… really got it out of my chest…

Back to the how I am doing so far as of End March 09

As of End March 08 this is my standing…

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A BullShit Close to My Heart

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UPDATE Some minor English correction… hehe Got to carried away to pay any attention to my English…

Now I am really irritated by my previous post. As if there isn’t enough BS on the internet, this BS have to haunt me…. And is pushing me to do this posts.

Sighh… I have really steered away from my original objective of this blog… But this irritation has been messing with me so I have to mess it here on my blog to get it out of my system.

Now I have been getting email blast from all EA author/seller which I mentioned earlier and one of them was FAPTurbo. What do you think is wrong with this email?

I tell you what…

It is this!!
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Mega Bullshit

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I have been going through my emails from EA sellers/authors and even forex trading system ebook authors and found it quite amazing that they write about this EA like it’s the best EA that ever came into existence.

Sometimes I feel that they are promoting the fact that this MegaDroid EA is better than their EA or their trading systems .

What a f*&@ing load of bull!

If it’s the best or so they say in their email… Are they going to buy it and trade it?

I don’t know why but reading their emails makes me very pissed off. I can’t put my finger on why I feel so pissed off…

I am beginning to think that email marketing is really a big con ass job.

Ok… calm down…… Breath in….. breath out…. breath in… breath out….

Anyway… i found out that MegaDroid MAY HAVE something to do with Forex Auto Scalper check out below… I found this particular finding from the forum

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